Our Child Dies, Not Theirs!

By David J. Stewart | February 2008 | Updated June 2013

"Every purpose is established by counsel: and with good advice make war." —Proverb 20:18

Photo to right: Just a few of the thousands of dead soldiers (mercenaries) killed in Iraq, being sent back to their unfortunate parents. Mercenaries are soldiers who are paid to fight someone else's war. Only a complete idiot would think that Iraq has anything to do with America's freedom, while our borders remain wide open allowing 11,000 illegals to flood across daily.

I hate war. Anyone who loves war is a sicko. I once heard a former Marine tell me that there's no “high” like killing another human being in battle. I make no apologies for saying that he is a disgrace to humanity. I have no respect for such brutality and cold-heartedness. I recently heard an ad on TV, paid for by the military, which states something like... “You made them strong, now we'll make them army strong.” No thanks! If being “army strong” means becoming a paid mercenary to kill innocent people overseas, no thanks!

The Bible tells us why there are wars...

2nd Chronicles 16:9, “For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him. Herein thou hast done foolishly: therefore from henceforth thou shalt have wars.”

It is because men do not follow God that there are needless wars and bloodshed. God does not approve of tyranny. Although war is sometimes necessary to defend one's country, conquering other nations under the pretense of preserving peace to steal their oil is evil. That's exactly what the disgraceful, lying and criminal Bush administration admittedly did with the Iraq War and their bogus claim of Weapons Of Mass Destruction. And to add insult to injury in the wake of 4,000 U.S. dead soldiers, President George W. Bush (while President) jokes and laughs amongst elite monsters at a White House dinner party. Mr. Bush belongs in prison, as does the entire satanic, Nazi, crime Bush family (do your research and you will see).

There are a lot of sincere Christians and Independent Fundamental Baptists who are upset with me over my speaking of the truth about the illegal wars in Iraq, our troops working as paid mercenaries for The White House gang, the shameful lying of the President and his administration and the evils of unprovoked war. President Obama has continued the treasonous takeover of America, lying, stripping our economy and sending our troops into harms-way, needlessly, for the demonic New World Order. Research and you will learn that wars are not meant to be won; but rather, to be continued. War always produces big profits for the banksters! Old men start wars, young men fight wars, and everybody in the middle loses.

I am patriotic! I love America! I am for having a military! I believe war is necessary sometimes! Former Beatle John Lennon's song IMAGINE is not reality. It's an impossible dream, because it ignores man's sin-nature and the reality of evil in the world. When Noah departed the ark after the flood, only 8 people were alive upon the earth (that is, Noah and his family). Look at the immoral mess the world turned into by Genesis 11:1-9, when the masses of men united in rebellion against God. If you took away all religion and all national borders, the world would go right back to its old ways almost immediately. Mankind is inherently sinful, prone to rebellion against authority. I am not against war; but rather, I am against criminal leaders lying our nation into war so they can steal Iraq's oil. The Vietnam war was about drugs, fought over control of a geographical area known as The Golden Triangle.

I realize that it is a very emotional subject when loved ones die in the line of duty, and no one wants to hear that their son or daughter didn't die a hero. I'm sure that no Roman wife or mother wanted to call their husband a “murderer” for slaughtering thousands of Jewish children at the command of insane Herod (who felt threatened by the birth of King Jesus in Bethlehem). Read about Herod's henchmen.

I pray to God that His Holy Spirit would open the blinded eyes of so many professed Christians concerning the evil exploitation of our youth in the military. That's our children! Is it nothing to you? Cindy Sheehan didn't care until her son came home in a body-bag with a bullet in his head, just 5-days after arriving in Iraq. Like most mothers, she hadn't been forced to face the issue, so it wasn't an issue. But now she was forced to make a decision, that is, was my son's death justified? The answer came back a resounding, no, no, NO! Casey died for BIG OIL! Casey died for the New World Order!

Since the death of her beloved son, Cindy Sheehan has become  a national hero, taking a stand for the truth and trying to open the eyes of sleeping Americans concerning the evils needlessly killing our youth (and innocent Iraqis). Over 1,455,000 Iraqis (mostly civilians) are dead, murdered by thug world leaders who control the Pentagon, The White House and our nation. It's known as “The Military Industrial Complex,” even posted on Wikipedia. Americans are so apathetic (and pathetic) and lulled these days that they couldn't care less even when the truth is handed to them, right in front of their face on the History Channel. The History Channel recently ran an episode about the CIA trafficking drugs into America. They covered the Wall Street connection and everything in detail. Drugs, cash and guns make it all happen! Unbelievable, they mock us, displaying their evils for the whole world to see, but no one cares.

The sad reality is that Americans believe fiction, while denying reality. It's insane! Scientists are trying to make fictitious rubbish like Star Wars and Star Trek a reality, talking about how it can all be made real in the future. Yet, sickeningly, Americans refuse to believe the truth even when it's in plain sight. The Illuminati pyramid on the reverse of every U.S. one-dollar bill mocks every American. The truth of the New World Order is in every one of our pockets and wallets, yet most people laugh, chuckle and wag their head in disbelief when you try to educate them about the reality of the New World Order!

President Bush refused to meet with Cindy Sheehan, but he met with the homosexual leader of Saudi Arabia, and photos of the two queer-birds holding hands were all in the news. Mr. Bush (Sr. and Jr.) are sick-minded individuals. People have a hard time believing that their beloved Republican icon, President Ronald Reagan, was a flaming homosexual in southern California known as “Rainbow Ronnie.” Truth is stranger than fiction! Homosexuality is the common denominator in the occult, Hollywood and the lowest point of humanity spiritually (the farthest you can get from God in your mind). President Obama recently lifted the ban against bestiality in the military? Why would he do that? Will chimeras (part human/part animal with no rights) be used to service future soldiers?

Our Loved Ones Mean Nothing To The Criminal Elite

I was listening today (June 2013) to The Statler Brothers in their hit, More Than A Name On A Wall for the veterans. Well, all those hundreds-of-thousands of names of dead soldiers ARE JUST A NAME ON A WALL to many of the treasonous leaders who sent them to die. In particular, the 58,000 dead soldiers of The Vietnam War were AMERICAN victims of a hoax fabricated by The White House, known as The Gulf Of Tonkin incident. They lied us into war, just as they did in 2003 with Iraq. The Bush administration (both daddy and junior) wiped out Iraq, murdering over 1,455,000 innocent Iraqi citizens. America has innocent blood on our hands!!!

The War in Iraq is unconstitutional, unethical, illegal and just plain evil. The children of U.S. citizens are being EXPLOITED as paid mercenaries to further a New World Order (NWO) that has absolutely NOTHING to do with America's “freedom.”  While our U.S. borders remain wide open and unguarded, our children have been sent 10,000 miles away in Iraq to fight the alleged “War On Terror.” The truth is that there is NO War On Terror, only a war against the freedoms of American citizens, and a war against American sovereignty.

I really hate to call anyone “misguided,” but that's the word of choice for parents who think the military is a good career choice for their child's future. I mean, I'd expect a teenager to be ignorant at age 18 and be dumb enough to sign a contract to go kill people for money; but I'd expect more from a mature adult who's seen the dishonest and reckless way the U.S. government operates. What the army doesn't tell parents is that in addition to making your child “Army strong,” they may also ship him home in a body bag with a bullet in his head, or in a wheelchair with his legs missing. Check this out if you really want to get mad. My problem is that U.S. children are being exploited for the agendas of global elitists who could care less about American sovereignty

Naive Americans and misinformed Christians wrongly get mad at me, while their very own political leaders call their children in the armed forced, “DUMB STUPID ANIMALS”...

“Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”
SOURCE: Henry Kissinger, quoted in "Kiss the Boys Goodbye: How the United States Betrayed Its Own POW's in Vietnam"

U.S. Government Betrayed and Abandoned Hundreds of Vietnam POWs

Pentagon Pays to Propagate Fake News Stories (have you believed a lie?)

An Open Letter to Those in the U. S. Military and Those in Law Enforcement

Do you have any idea how evil the Iraqi War is? The United States invaded an innocent nation, first on the false premise that they had something to do with the 911 attacks (which Bush later admitted they didn't), then on the premise that Saddam Hussein possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction (which they never did). Watch these liars contradict themselves! So then why did the U.S. continue to invade, conquer and establish a United Nations controlled government in Iraq? Why not just removed Saddam Hussein? In fact, when did it become our job to police the world and tell other nations what they can or cannot do? We Americans, who MURDER (i.e., abort) are our own children in cold-blood, have the insane audacity to accuse other nations of human-rights abuses? Are we crazy? 

We have become a cut-throat, ruthless, selfish, hypocritical, sin-loving, God-hating, Bible-corrupting, Christ-rejecting, destructive, immoral society in the United States. We boast of trusting in God, while flocking to "SIN CITY" Las Vegas to commit sin. America is filled with a bunch of jerks who arrogantly think we are better than everyone else, and that we have a right to blow up their countries and tell them how to live. Well, our day of reckoning is coming as a nation. We are going to get what we deserve for our treacheries against humanity. Someone needs to invade America and force us to live right, because we are an evil people hellbent on murdering children, making whores out of young girls and desecrating everything which is holy and decent. I pray for God to judge America!

Christians Should Be Reluctant About Joining the U.S. Military

You are signing a legally-binding contract to DO AS YOU'RE TOLD when you sign-up for the military. If you renege on your contract, you'll spend decades (if not life) in a military prison that supercedes ALL CITIZEN LAWS. The military has their own court system, judges, laws and prisons. If they say kill, you either kill or face a court-martial. The military doesn't care about morality, right or wrong. All they care about is complying with orders, no questions asked. That's a recipe for disaster.

God ordains all authority, that is, no one could ever have power unless God gave it to them (or allowed it). Thus, some believers foolishly think that Christians ought to go along with and submit to criminals in power. So if all authority is ordained by God, then when is it proper and right to rebel? The answer is when authority goes against God. Acts 5:40, “And to him they agreed: and when they had called the apostles, and beaten them, they commanded that they should not speak in the name of Jesus, and let them go.” The apostles DIDN'T obey that command. The Apostles rebelled against the judge! The apostles went out preaching in the name of Jesus even more!!! Just because God permits evil men to rise to power, doesn't mean that we are supposed to obey them. Life is a test. Satan is the god of this evil world. We have to make a choice every time we open (or don't open) our mouth. Every deed is a choice, whether it be good or evil. Romans 13 commands believers to obey the HIGHER POWERS, but God is the highest power. The U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights are a higher power than our federal government, but they disobey and violate the Constitution because they are vile criminals. Treason is commonplace these days, and there is NO justice!!!

Anyone who believes that the Bible is God's Word should be reluctant to join the U.S. military. Why? Because the U.S. military is notorious for killing innocent people, like the millions of Cambodians slaughtered during the Nixon administration. We've already killed 655,00 innocent Iraqis (it's over 1,455,000 as of 2013). There's a big difference between killing in self-defense, and killing to conquer another nation. Exodus 20:13 states, "Thou shalt not kill." Certainly, self-defense is not included in this command. American citizens have a God-given right to defend themselves against attack. However, Iraq never attacked America, nor even threatened to attack America. We attacked them! 

I just don't see how anyone who loves the Lord could partake of the Communist agenda behind the NWO. The U.S. military is being exploited by a criminal syndicate that has taken over The White House. The fact that our U.S. borders are deliberately left wide open is SOLID PROOF of the conspiracy against American CITIZENS by the evil criminals in Washington D.C. Congress has NO backbone at all. What a bunch of sellouts and cowards!

If America were ever legitimately attacked, men and boys would eagerly come to arms to fight. The problem is that our government wants our children to fight as paid mercenaries overseas, which is an entirely different matter. If I had my way, no politician would ever be able to start a war without first sending their own sons into battle. I promise you ALL wars would cease forever. But when your son comes back in a body bag, they try to appease your anger by calling him a "hero." Hero? A hero is someone who saves someone else; not one who gets paid to go fight for global interests. 

So while the sons and daughters of the politicians live to a ripe old age, enjoying the gift of life, the blessings of parenthood, the pleasures of marriage, et cetera—YOUR CHILD IS DEAD!!! It should make you angry! I don't know about you, but I'd rather have grandchildren and many Christmases together as a family, than have nothing more than a picture, a memory and a gravesite to visit. 

Parents need to discourage their children from entering the U.S. armed forces, because our children are being ABUSED and EXPLOITED to risk their lives for global agendas that have absolutely nothing to do with America's freedom, security or sovereignty. Let someone else's children die for the NWO. I am being your friend. There is NO need for all this war and bloodshed in Iraq. We have no business being there at all. 

Ignorance and Complacency of Christians are Our Biggest Enemies!

Saddest of all is the utter ignorance of America's pastors and Christians. The average pastor today supports the reckless and irresponsible Bush administration. Since the 911 attacks, America has been catapulted towards becoming a Communist Police State. These maneuvers have all transpired through the Bush Administration. With the unconstitutional Patriot Acts, the coming National RFID Card, government internet and phone spying, Homeland Security warmongering, DNA databases, the liars at FOX NEWS, and a host of pro-Communist changes within our government — the U.S. is headed for a fascist type of future government. Already we see much tyranny today. 

Go through an airport security checkpoint and see how they make you feel like a criminal. I stood and watched a mother cry as airport security poured her baby's milk away. When we got on the plane, they gave everyone a metal knife and fork to eat with. This just goes to prove that the entire matter of Homeland Security is a BIG HOAX!!! This type of thug scrutiny is becoming more and more visible in society today. The days of "officer friendly" are over. Nowadays everyone is considered guilty until proven innocent.

While our borders remain wide open, and 11,000 illegals flood into the U.S. every single day, Homeland Security does NOTHING to stop it from happening. Again, this just goes to prove that the entire matter of Homeland Security is a BIG HOAX!!! Our troops aren't freedom fighters, they're paid mercenaries! Get mad at me if you want... who gives Americans the right to go invade other nations, kill their citizens and then place our own government into power (in the name of "Democracy"). What a bunch of garbage. Iraq has no control over their country anymore, and now we're stealing their oil to finance further world domination. The United Nations, under the umbrella of the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) controls Iraq. Guaranteed, there will be more nations to fall.

We may not be able to stop the New World Order from coming to fruition, but we certainly can thwart Communism on the way there. The average pastor today lives in a bubble, i.e., in his own little world. God never intended for Christians to hide behind closed doors in a building called a "church." The believers in the book of Acts didn't have a church building to meet in, they met in people's homes. There was no plush carpeting, stained-glass windows or padded pews. Yet, this is what people today think a church is supposed to be. We need Moses to come back today and cry out to America's pastor's... "Let my people go!" Tens-of-millions of believers sit idle every Sunday in church buildings all across America, never doing anything for God! Most pastors are only concerned about finances. Going to church is an end in itself for most people. This is apostasy!

Woe unto America's pastors for not preaching the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Pulpits all across America have been censored. It's a shame that young people in America's colleges are being deceived about so many things. I went all the way through Bible college, thinking Martin Luther was a great man of God. Then one day, years later, I read that Martin Luther taught Sacramental Salvation. I was shocked! Could all my Christian brethren be so ignorant? Well, I was definitely ignorant for a long time about a lot of things, but thank God, I awoke to righteousness!!!  Martin Luther was NO Christian, and is burning in the fires of Hell today. 

Likewise, believers today are extremely ignorant about the 911 attacks, the true nature of George W. Bush, and the evils of ZionismJack Chick, John Hagee and others falsely teach that the Jews are better than everyone else. Jews are the filthy dirt of the earth, just like everyone else (Romans 3:10,23; 10:12).


I simply wrote this article to discourage parents from leading their children into the military. I've seen several commercials lately on TV, where recruiters paint a rosy picture of the military. They've never tell you about the hundreds of U.S. women soldiers who have been raped by their own piers. The liars who recruit for the military won't dare be honest and tell you about the devastating effects of Depleted Uranium on the troops. Here's a little dose of reality

Your son or daughter ought to have the same chance at life as the criminal politicians in Washington D.C. I call them "criminals" because they disregard the U.S. Constitution, willingly allow foreigners to criminally enter our nation (which makes them accomplices), go to war without proper vote, allow the Federal Reserve Banking cartel to bankrupt America, recklessly borrow money in our name knowing that we cannot possible pay it back, et cetera. Where can all this crime end but in total disaster for America? 

It's bad enough that Washington D.C. leaders have squandered our Social Security, force us to pay exuberantly high taxes, sit back and do nothing while millions of Americans lose their homes, allow U.S. Corporations to give American jobs to foreigners (so we can't find a decent job)—now they want to kill our children as well? 

Wake up mom and dad! There is nothing honorable about sacrificing your child to die for foreign interests and the agendas of the global elite. Let those monsters sacrifice their own sons and daughters first.


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