Criminalizing Everything!

The Police State is coming!  If you voted Democrat or Republican, then you are part of the problem!  You have to read beyond the newspaper to learn the truth.  You have to turn off the TV and read books.  How many people want to know the truth enough to read books?  Not many.  Do a book search on under any topic you want and you'll be surprised.  Type in keywords such as "CIA and drugs," government corruption, etc.  Read Dark Alliance.  Read The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.  Read The Case Against Lawyers.  Read America, What Went Wrong.  Type in keywords such as "911 and truth."  Though the evil doers working in our government would like for us to sweep such books and evidence away as "conspiracy theories," the documented facts are irrefutable.  The evidence is solid against our own government. 

The situations in the article above and minute compared to the things which shortly lie ahead.  The Police State grid is being developed each and every day in America.  People are too complacent to care.  The folks who do care are such a minority that their voice is barely heard.  Big business is wallowing in money up to their ears and has sold their souls to Satan.  Many Washington politicians have been bought off, the rest of them are afraid of committing political-suicide by taking a real stand for what is right.  Thank God for the few politicians such as Texas Congressman Ron Paul and California Congresswomen Maxine Waters.  Most members of Congress fear they'll end up like former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.  Increasingly, we are losing our freedoms as Americans under the guise of "protection against terrorism."  The only terrorists I fear are the criminals working in high positions of power in this nation.  Where did our social security go?  Where did the steel worker's pension money go?  Where are the trillions of stolen dollars which have vanished within our government?  We are not holding our government accountable! 

Children are deliberately being dumbed-down through the public school system.  Read the book, The Dumbing Down of Our Children.  Who will rise up against evil doers in our government if we don't?  It has become so bad in the United States that if a person does rise up against the U.S. government in protest, he or she is labeled as a "terrorist" by the criminals themselves.  What ever happened to The First Amendment which gives us a LEGAL RIGHT to assemble and petition our government in protest?  By the way, if our government doesn't listen, we have a right to remove the evildoers.  Do you know what excuse these government criminals use most of all?  You voted for them!!!

The average person has been so brainwashed by the TV and radio that they cannot think beyond Democrat or Republican.  Both parties are opposite sides of the same evil coin.  Both parties are dominated by The Council on Foreign Relations (The premiere New World Order organization which is sworn to the destruction of America and her once great sovereignty).  If you don't believe me, just look at the tens-of-millions of manufacturing jobs which have been stolen from the American people so Big Business can get even richer.  While General Motors is paying Mexicans less than a dollar an hour to build our cars, we're still paying top dollar for them.  It's just plain un-American.  Our leaders (Democrat and Republican alike) have flushed American workers down the toilet.

I am disturbed that so many Christian people are enamored with the Republicans.  Have you no sense man?  I've heard so many Christians praise George Bush for his partial birth abortion ban.  Don't you realize that George Bush Jr. signed off on giving over $100,000,000 to planned murderhood.  It's nor Planned Motherhood.  You've got Planned Motherhood clinics all across America designed to talk expecting mothers out of their babies.  Countless tens-of-millions of women have murdered their babies because of Planned Murderhood.  Especially black women, see for the sickening truth about Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Murderhood.  God hates abortion!

Isn't is something that a woman will be arrested and put into jail for seven hours for leaving marshmallows and hot-chocolate in Yellowstone park (see above article), but you can murder your child through an abortion and still be a respectable citizen?  Not in God's eyes.  You are a MURDERER if you have any part in the killing of a little baby.  George Bush is no Christian.  Do you realize that the partial-birth abortion ban will only prevent a woman from having an abortion in the very last hours of her pregnancy.  You know as well as I do that 99.99% of all abortions are performed months before that time period.  But you say, it is a step in the right direction.  Is it?  How many abortions did George Bush prevent last year?  It's a fact that most abortions occur within the first several weeks of pregnancy.

Did you read about the elderly woman in the above article?  She was arrested for failing to trim her bushes.  I read about a man who was summonsed to court for failing to fix his leaking gutter in Chicago.  The man was in his seventies and refused to leave his home.  The Chicago police broke his door down to go get him.  The man killed the police officer.  Then the police shot the old man 16 times until he was dead.  All because of a leaking gutter.  If you think it couldn't happen to you, think again.  Here's something which should scare every parent...The Christine Family story.  How about this, DCFS Monsters.  You need to listen to Alex Jones to get informed at   Don't let the appearance of Alex's site scare you, he knows what he's talking about and his over one million listeners, including MANY members of congress (such as Texas Congressman Ron Paul, a decent public servant).

Yes friend, the Police State is coming.  Open your eyes.  What can we do about it?  Don't go along with it.  Refuse to be thumb scanned, micro chipped, etc.  Refuse to volunteer anything when it comes to your privacy, DNA sampling, etc.  There has never been such a desperate rush by businesses to get into our lives and personal information.  You better believe that the government is involved with this.  Technology is a double-edged sword and Pandora's box has been opened.  You may lose your freedoms by force, but don't give them up freely.  I will fight to keep my rights and privacy.  I don't let any companies share my information with anyone.  I tell them in writing, you are NOT allowed to share anything.  I am not interested in online banking, send me the snail-mail at home.  I don't like nosy people, as a matter of fact...I can't stand them.  I tell people to mind their own business.  Some people think that have every right to mind other people's business...the Bible calls them "busy bodies."  Don't vote Republican or Democrat!!! 

Get involved in your local Independent Baptist church.  There are many churches, find one.  Talk with your pastor about serving the Lord.  What America needs is preachers who aren't afraid to speak out against the evils in our government.  For some reason, we have been duped into thinking it is wrong to criticize the government.  Thank God that our founding fathers had more sense!  We need to speak out, it is our First Amendment right! 

I pray you'll join the fight for decency and justice, don't give up ANY of your freedoms under the guise of "protection against terrorism" (or for any reason). 

Ecclesiastes 5:8, “If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they.”

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