Women Who Make The World Worse!

EXPOSED: the hatred, hypocrisy, and totalitarian intolerance of feminists like Gloria Steinem, Maureen Dowd, Eleanor Smeal, and (of course) Hillary

Women Who Make the World Worse
by Kate O'Beirne

Who better to expose the destructiveness of feminism than a fearless female conservative? In Women Who Make the World Worse, National Review's Kate O'Beirne takes on America's leading feminists: Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem, Eleanor Smeal, Maureen Dowd, Kate Michelman, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and even Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw.

She opposes their propagandistic Leftist emotionalism and self-important grandstanding with irrefutable evidence that the feminist movement -- including some of those very women -- has hurt women far more than it has helped them over the last forty years.

Women Who Make the World Worse shows how feminism has devastated American society: fracturing families; making American schools and workplaces into battlefields to advance feminist causes; and exalting working women among mothers and consigning millions of children to a soulless upbringing by daycare center employees.

Through it all, O'Beirne shows that feminists have poisoned American public discourse about gender issues with politically charged claptrap about how a hostile patriarchy makes women its helpless victims.

Yet O'Beirne proves here that it is actually men - and boys - who are bearing a considerable amount of the actual suffering. Millions of schoolboys are being feminized in American classrooms; boys' sports are in retreat in schools everywhere; the "gender gap" deforms local and national politics; millions of husbands and fathers (and wives and mothers) believe that men are not needed in the raising of children; and worst of all, transforming the American military into a laboratory for large-scale social engineering puts us all at risk.

O'Beirne establishes that the feminist agenda is at its core not pro-female at all; it's merely anti-male. She demolishes the prevailing myth among feminists that men are the enemy of women's progress. This provocative book is essential reading for anyone, male or female, who is looking for some old-fashioned common sense about relations between the sexes.

Revealed -- Feminism's war on men, the family, and the military:


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Comment from webmaster of Jesus-is-Savior.com...

        Thank God for honorable women like Kate O'Beirne who speak the truth, and are willing to be ridiculed for NOT being politically correct. America could be turned around if we could destroy feminism. It was Dr. R.G. Lee in his famous sermon, PAYDAY SOMEDAY, who said ...

"The spiritual life of a nation, city, town, school, church, or home never rises any higher than the spiritual life of women." -Dr. R.G. Lee (Payday Someday)

America has become a cesspool of iniquity, a giant Sodom and Gomorrah, with feminism recklessly leading the way. America's feminist women need to get back to reality, and start realizing that God created men and women very different from each other. This is not about equal rights, it's about common sense and accepting the truth.


ď...the marriage is being destroyed by U.S. laws that encourage marriage breakup, divorce, arrests when no victim makes a complaint, restraining orders designed to separate family members, hearsay used as evidence in court, child punishment that is called child protection, child-custody disputes instead of shared custody, always blaming the man, assuming the woman is incompetent to assert her own interests, police policies that require the cops to arrest somebody (guess who that always turns out to be), exaggerating a minor argument into a criminal case, and ignoring the marital privilege.Ē

SOURCE: Dr. Phyllis Schlafly, How the Government Breaks Up Marriages

"You can name anything you want to name, but I am opposed to anything in the world that de-emphasizes the line of difference between the sexes.  I believe that ladies ought to be feminine and sweet and lovely and charming.  I believe men ought to be strong and masculine and decisive.  Iím opposed to anything that makes a man and a woman act alike, look alike, dress alike, or talk alike."

SOURCE: Pastor Jack Hyles (quote taken from Dr. Hyle's sermon, Unisex)

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