Oprah on Jesus:
Is Jesus the Only Way to God?

Watch Oprah Winfrey as she interviews and showcases several New Age luminaries; but when a Christian woman in the audience asks Oprah, “What about Jesus?,” Oprah insists Jesus “can't possibly be the only way” to God... And the sparks fly! 

Modern NEW AGE is a revival of the ancient pagan Babylonian religion of polytheism (worship of many gods). The Bible prophecies that the coming Antichrist will worship “the God of forces” (Daniel 11:38). Please note that the book of Daniel was written by Daniel himself while in Babylonian captivity. It was during the Jew's 70-years of captivity in Babylon that the prophecy of the coming Antichrist was given to us by God, the divine Author of the Bible.

Although raised Baptist, Oprah Winfrey's faith has undergone a significant transformation towards New Age spirituality. Oprah denies the Biblical Gospel of Jesus Christ by teaching tens-of-millions of her viewers that there are many paths to God. So sad, so tragic!

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Oprah is Crazier Than Ever! (Says if your little daughter wants to be a boy... let her!)