Tasty Steak and Onions

By David J. Stewart

       Here's one of my favorite tasty steak recipes that you'll love. It takes about 40-minutes to cook because of the time needed to grill the onions. The steak cooks in a minute.



Cut the onion in half, and then slice it thinly into rings (or however you like your onions). Add the 2 Tablespoons of olive oil to your frying pan under medium heat. Add the onions and grill, stirring occasionally until the onions become soft and start to brown (it takes about 30-minues). The smell of the grilling onions is wonderful.

Then add your marinade ingredients to pan and stir into onions. Keep heat on medium. Part onions to side of pan using spatula and place steak in middle of pan. I only cook the steak long enough to brown each side, then I cut it in half to see how red the inside is. I like my steaks medium-rare, so when it's 50% red inside it's done for me. To me, there's nothing worse than an overcooked steak that's all browned with no red juiciness left inside. I want to hear the moo in the cow. Just kidding!

Put the steak onto a plate and then pour the onions and marinade from pan over the steak. I usually cut up my steak all at once, so I can enjoy eating it without having to cut each piece as I eat. I eat some of the grilled onions with each bite of steak.

Adjust the marinade to taste. If the marinade is sweet, I add some more vinegar. The idea is to get a perfect blend of the soy sauce, sugar, and vinegar so that you don't taste any one of them by itself; but rather, they blend together to make a delicious flavor. If too salty, add some sugar. If too vinegary, add some soy sauce.

I eat this meal with a dinner roll with a teaspoon of real butter on top of the roll. A little salt on the steak is good, as you eat, but not too much. You can always add more salt, but you can't remove it. Too much salt will ruin any meal.

It's also great with Au Gratin or Scalloped potatoes (from the box). I admit I love dehydrated potatoes, there's just something about the flavor. Oven cooking is best to me, which gives a nice baked coating to the cheese and potatoes.

Sometimes I'll have the steak with some freshly sliced avocado on the side. I like avocado with just about any dinner.