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I really enjoy cooking on my George Foreman Grill. The food comes out tasty, having a charbroiled flavor. Nothing can compare to barbequing with fire and smoke, but the George Foreman Grill a lot better than frying. Boneless chicken breast come out GREAT!

You definitely want a George Foreman grill in your kitchen. I have a small unit, model GR10WSP1 (pictured above far right and far left). It's great for small meals. By grilling your meats, fat drains into a little tray placed in front of the unit. It grills lines into burgers and steaks... great flavor! Red and yellow peppers are a favorite to grill.

How To Grill Juicy Chicken Breast

I like grilled chicken breast sandwiches with fresh shredded lettuce, thin-cut red tomato and a little mayonnaise on a soft bun. It's important to not to overcook your boneless chicken breast or else it will become dry and tough.

The way to cook chicken breast is to let it cook for a few minutes and then cut the meat in half to look at the inside. You can immediately spot if chicken breast is not done, as you'll see the raw pink inside. I don't use a fork to transport the meat from the grill to my cutting surface, because the meat may fall off the fork onto the floor. I use tongs, which give me a firm grasp on meats or vegetables while removing from a hot grill.

Of course, you don't want to cut meat on your grilling surface, to avoid damaging the non-stick coating. Also, it's not easy to cut meat on a grill surface verses a flat cutting board or plate. Continue cooking the meat until you can no longer see any rawness. At this point you've got maximum juiciness and the chicken is done. Juicy grilled chicken is so delicious and part of a healthy diet.

Shrimp is done when it turns pink if you grill shrimp (bigger ones are easier to cook). I grill steak the same way, cutting it in half to visually see if the inside is cooked. I always cook my ribeye or New York beef steaks medium-rare. I like to still hear the “moo” in the cow, that is, I like my steaks on the rare side.

I sprinkle McCormick “ Perfect Pinch” seasoning on my steaks when they're done... awesome flavor! Steak tastes best if gently seasoned, instead of bathing the steak. A little salt is delicious on boneless grilled chicken breast just by itself. I've always enjoyed a juicy ribeye by itself; but a little A-1 steak sauce and a little salt is delicious too. Ribeye is the most tender of all the steaks, next to fillet minion. You can break ribeye apart with your hands when it' cooked. I love ribeye. New York strip steaks are a tad bit more flavorful, but also a tad bit less tender. Either is great, but I'll always take ribeye if given the choice.

For barbequing, skirt steak (Ranchera) is absolutely delicious. I always cook skirt steak at a barbeque. It's best when you get it right over the flames. I've never tried skirt steak on my George Foreman Grill. I'll add that to my list of things to look forward to, Lord willing (James 4:15, “For that ye ought to say, If the Lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that.”)


My 'George Foreman Grill,' Model GR10WSP1

This is a small unit for self or a couple people. The GR10WSP1 grill plugs into any wall socket, no on or off switch. It gets hot quickly. It only costs around $27. The unit also come in black (pictured below), maroon and other colors. I saw the black unit for $17 on for sale. Whereas normal frying in a flat pan applies heat to 100% of the surface area of your food and cooks it quickly, the Foreman grill only applies heat to a small portion of the food through the raised grilling surface. This gives food that desired charbroiled flavor.

George Foreman grills has a clamshell design which simultaneously grills both the top and bottom surfaces, eliminating the need to flip the food being grilled. Each grilling surface is indented, angled and covered in a non-stick coating. The objective is to minimize direct contact with the food being grilled so that as much fat as possible can be drained.

Having a George Foreman Grill is like having a small barbeque in your kitchen. In some ways it's better than a barbeque because you don't have to deal with charcoal, lighter fluid, and the smoke getting into your eyes, clothes and hair. I love all that stuff, but not when I just want something to eat.

I like my grill. It's maintenance free. I don't even wipe my grill, never! It gets so hot and juices drip into the tray, so the grill stays dry and you don't have to be concerned about. The grill cycles on and off to maintain the proper temperature. Pretty nice! I just unplug it when I'm done.

I highly recommend getting a George Foreman Grill. I often cook ribeye steaks in my George Foreman Grill. It takes a little longer using the grill than a regular frying pan, because you're only heating at the grilling lines instead of the whole surface area. Whereas it's very easy to overcook a steak in a frying pan if you get side-tracked, that is hard to do with the George Foreman Grill. I hate when I overcook my steaks. I love medium-rare ribeye and New York Strip Steaks (I rarely use other steaks). I want the inside plenty RED and juicy. The lid is weighted so you really don't need to apply downward pressure on the lid (but some people still do... I can't resist the temptation sometimes, just to hear the sizzling when I press the lid down... emmm!).

The George Foreman Grill makes great steaks. What I do is let the grill get hot for 2-minutes. Then I cook my steak for about one minute, and then turn it 45 to 90 degrees to get those criss-cross grilling lines on my steak. You don't need to flip steaks, because the grill cooks BOTH sides at once. You need to remove the steak (I use tongs for a firm grip) and cut it in half to see if it's done. You can always cook it some more, but you can't uncook it... so watch your food. The good thing about the George Foreman Grill is that meats cook slower than standard frying, so it's easier to get your steak exactly the way you want it (minus all the greasy fat). I want a juicy steak, not a greasy steak.

The George Foreman Grill is healthy to use. It has a certain application. I still fry certain recipes, but the George Foreman Grill is excellent for grilling applications. Why fry a steak when you can grill it instead and get that delicious grilling flavor and those great grilling lines?

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Note: This page is NOT officially sanctioned in any way by George Foreman. It's just my personal webpage. I am the happy owner of a George Foreman Grill (model #GR10WSP1).

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