Beef Chuck Tender Roast

By David J. Stewart

This is a delicious recipe that my kids love, and only takes an hour or so to make. 


Allow roast to sit and warm to room temp.  Pour olive oil into skillet under medium to high heat.  Add cut up onion and chopped garlic slices.  Slightly brown onions and garlic.  Salt and pepper both sides of roast.  Push onions to sides of pan and then brown all sides of roast.  You just want to get a nice brown coating on your meat for flavor.  With a pointy-knife, poke about one dozen holes into top and bottom of the roast.  This will allow juices to drain into roasting pan during oven cooking (It's great to dip the sliced meat into the delicious juices when eating). 

Place some of the grilled onions and garlic into the bottom of the small roasting pan.  Sprinkle some Rosemary, Basil, salt and pepper into bottom of roasting pan.  Place roast into baked pan.  Now add remaining Rosemary, Basil, salt and pepper to top of roast.  There's not an exact amount of spices to use.  I don't even use a measuring spoon.  I just sprinkle enough spice to coat the pan and the meat. 

Place roast into preheated oven to 325 degrees.  2 lb. roast takes about 45 minutes to cook.  Use a thermometer to determine if roast is done.  Push thermometer deep into roast.  Take measurements from thick end of roast.  I like my roast done at about 155 degrees, which is between medium (160) and medium rare (145).  See cooking time chart.

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