For many years a close colleague of Mr. Moody

Originally published in 1900 as a 555-page book.

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This online book was originally found on, a U.K. Web site devoted to histories of great revivals and their leaders. Permission granted for placement on this site.

Detailed Contents
Chapter 1. Introductory Chapter
Chapter 2. Northfield
Chapter 3. His Early Life
Chapter 4. His Mother
Chapter 5. His Conversion
Chapter 6. Sunday School Work
Chapter 7. The Young Men's Christian Association and the Chicago Avenue Church
Chapter 8. Giving Up Business
Chapter 9. Moody and Sankey
Chapter 10. Evangelistic Work in England, Ireland and Scotland
Chapter 11. Evangelistic Work in the United States
Chapter 12. Mr. Moody in Two Wars
Chapter 13. The Spiritual Side Of Northfield
Chapter 14. The Northfield Schools
Chapter 15. The Northfield Conference and the Student Volunteers
Chapter 16. The Chicago Bible Institute
Chapter 17. The World's Fair Campaign
Chapter 18. The Last Campaign
Chapter 19. Mr. Moody as an Evangelist
Chapter 20. His Bible
Chapter 21. His Co-Workers
Chapter 22. Three Characteristic Sermons
Chapter 23. His Best Illustrations
Chapter 24. Revival Conventions
Chapter 25. How to Study the Bible
Chapter 26. His Creed Three Cardinal Truths
Chapter 27. The Funeral
Chapter 28. Roundtop, Where Mr. Moody Loved to Speak and Where He Was Buried
Chapter 29, Memorial Services
Chapter 30. Appreciations by Eminent Friends
Chapter 31. Editorial Estimates of His Character.
Chapter 32. The Personal Side of Mr. Moody.
Chapter 33. Personal Reminiscences of D. L. Moody by Rev. H. M. Wharton, D. D.
Chapter 34. A Month with Mr. Moody in Chicago by Rev. H. M. Wharton, D

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