Sexual Abuse by Catholic Priests

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       The Catholic religion is famous for the sexual abuse perpetrated by its ungodly priests. Romanists can hardly even get liability insurance the abuse is so prevalent. Why are so many perverts in the "priesthood"? I have a few thoughts why there is so much molesting in Catholic churches:

  1. The unbiblical requirement for a celibate priesthood.
  2. The Catholic religion is not Christian so their priests are not saved and still in their sins.
  3. Catholics are trained to look on their priests with awe--Catholic priests are called "another Christ" (which is the definition of antichrist) . This is called brainwashing. Little children and unstable adults are easy victims. Pervert Catholic priests all over the world have been having a field day with people's lives. They got away with it for centuries, but with the media, people are speaking out now.
  4. A lot of Catholic priests don't even believe in God. The Catholic priesthood is a job. They get adoration from men, a place to sleep, something to eat. A former Catholic related to me that when he was in counseling with his priest the priest told him not to mention God--the priest said his therapist had said that he had to deal with his own problems!

No doubt many people would contend that sexual abuse is epidemic everywhere, including in all religious denominations, and that is certainly true. However, what draws major attention to the Roman Catholic religion is the disturbing cover-up by not only the Vatican, but by the courts in America. It cannot be denied that the Catholic church has extremely powerful friends in high places of government and the courts. For over fifty years, thousands of children have been sexually molested by Catholic priests in nearly every city in America. If you don't believe me, search the internet. I have provided a few helpful links on this webpage. The Vatican and the courts have deliberately covered-up this woeful evil in America! Instead of firing pervert priests, and putting them in prison, they have been frequently been relocated to a different parish, where they molested more children! The most shocking and disturbing thing of all, is that the parents of Catholic children have continued to trust such priests with their children.

The following are a few links of abuses. I could spend weeks compiling an international list of pervert priests. It distresses me greatly that this is occurring and for all these years the Vatican has just been shuffling these sickos to different dioceses. Please come soon, Lord Jesus.

Why They Stay. Why They Can’t: New York Catholics Wrestle With Their Faith Over Abuse Allegations
We spoke to 10 New York City Catholics about their internal struggles amid the recent sexual abuse allegations. Their disparate internal struggles offer a window into the rich complexities of Catholicism in one of the most diverse cities in the world.

Catholic Church Sex Abuse Cases

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Washington Catholic Archdiocese releases names of 31 clergy members ‘credibly accused’ since 1948 of sexually abusing minors

Catholic Bishops Promising to Fix Sex Abuse Problem Face Cover-Up Accusations
The church’s failure to police its own ranks has led some Catholics to call for a total housecleaning of all bishops who gave cover to abusive priests.

Catholic Dioceses in Pennsylvania Face Federal Inquiry Into Sexual Abuse
Dioceses across the state said Thursday that they had received federal grand jury subpoenas.

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The clergymen of the U.S. can show our fellow Americans that the Roman Catholic Church is much more than the Roman Curia.

Pope Defrocks 2 Retired Chilean Bishops Over Sexual Abuse of Minors
The Vatican punishment was announced as Pope Francis faced doubts about whether he would hold bishops accountable for covering up abuse.

The Pope Ignores the Damage as Another Prelate Falls
Others were more complicit in covering up priestly abuse, but Cardinal Donald Wuerl still committed serious mistakes.

Pope Accepts Wuerl’s Resignation as Washington Archbishop, but Calls Him a Model Bishop
Despite demands to oust Cardinal Wuerl over sexual abuse scandals, Pope Francis praised him as a model leader.

Movie About Church Sexual Abuse Is a Contentious Hit in Poland
“Clergy,” which gives an unvarnished view of debauchery in the priesthood, has packed theaters in the predominantly Catholic country.

Cardinal Pens Scathing Letter to Archbishop Who Accused Pope of Cover-Up
Weeks after Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò shook the church by accusing Pope Francis of covering up sexual abuse, Cardinal Marc Ouellet called the accusations “blasphemous” and “abhorrent.”

The Pope and the Accusers
Can Francis change the church while stonewalling on sex abuse?

Former Archbishop Robert Sanchez Kept Abuse Quiet *
~includes links to his deposition and related articles.

Catholic "Church" ordered to pay $120 million in damages to sexually abused altar boys

Sexual Abuse by priest in Michigan

Priest sexually abuses woman
~book review, ignore the psychology mumbo jumbo at the end of the synopsis.

Another grown pervert priest sexually mistreating children, this time a girl

Vatican studies sex abuse by priests *

Pervert Priest Rudy Kos and Lying Superiors get busted. *
~On July 24, 1997, ten former altar boys and the family of another won $120 million bucks in damages from the Catholic religion. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas not only ignored evidence for years Rudy was sexually abusing boys but then had the nerve to lie and tamper with evidence to cover up for him. This is not at all unusual for the Catholic religion to do. ...

Rudolph "Rudy" Kos, the suspended Catholic priest at the center of the largest clergy-abuse judgment in U.S. history, was sentenced Wednesday to life in prison for molesting boys he met through three Dallas-area churches.

The jury in state District Judge Janice L. Warder's court returned a life sentence and a $10,000 fine on each of three first-degree felony convictions, the maximum sentence. The jury returned a sentence of 20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine in each of the four second-degree felony convictions.

Mr. Kos, a former nurse and Air Force medic, will serve the sentences simultaneously and is eligible for parole in 15 years under the law in place when the offenses occurred. His attorneys filed a notice of appeal.

As Nicholas Porter read his victim impact statement after the verdict Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Kos shouted, "You are a liar." When Mr. Porter finished his statement, Mr. Kos said, "I'm sorry, your honor."

Assistant District Attorney Howard Blackmon, the lead prosecutor, said he was appalled by Mr. Kos' statement.

"It was just disgusting that he had that outburst. This despicable character that for years molested these boys chose not to testify, but yell from the gallery at one of these boys," Mr. Blackmon said. "What a coward."

One of the civil plaintiffs, Wade Schlossstein , called Mr. Kos "a gutless pig" after the outburst.

Brad Lollar, one of Mr. Kos' court-appointed attorneys, said he thinks the outburst was a reflection of the emotional stress and pressure that Mr. Kos was feeling after the verdict. Mr. Kos has consistently and adamantly told his attorneys that he had not molested Mr. Porter, Mr. Lollar said.

Mr. Lollar said he and his client were hoping for the best in the punishment phase of the trial but anticipated the worst.

"We expected that the jury might return life sentences in the cases and maximum sentences across the board because of the vast evidence," said Mr. Lollar, adding that his client does feel bad about his conduct. "He is genuinely remorseful … he does realize that he has caused harm and for that he is sorry."

Dolores Hosford, Mr. Kos' mother, said she will always stand by her son. She said she doesn't believe her son molested all the boys who accused him.

"He is my son and I love him and I will always love him," she said.

Mr. Kos, 52, was convicted Saturday of seven of eight counts of child sexual abuse between 1987 and 1992 involving four young men who told police they were molested 1,350 times. The jury acquitted him of one count of indecency with a child. On the first day of testimony, Mr. Kos pleaded guilty to three of the eight charges.

"I feel very sorry for the man because I really believe that he is a sick individual that really needs help," juror Tamara Bokman said after the verdict. "I don't think it is something that he actually had control over. It was just more of an animal urge."

Ms. Bokman said she hopes the trial raises awareness about sexual predators and encourages parents to be vigilant.

"There are a lot of people out there that are deceitful and will take advantage of you in any way they can," she said. "I hope that people will look a little closer before letting them into their homes and into their children's lives."

Donald W. Tope, the presiding juror, described the deliberations as very difficult and emotional. The jury deliberated about 7½ hours over two days before reaching their guilty verdicts and about three hours Wednesday to determine the sentences.

"At the end of it," said Mr. Tope, a Catholic and a former altar boy, "I stood up and said a prayer with the whole group holding hands.

"We were tearful. We wanted to make sure that justice was served."

In his victim impact statement, Nathan Nichols told Mr. Kos that he will never forgive him.

"You took advantage of my open heart and vulnerable soul for your own perverted sexual pleasure and left me feeling I was tainted, that I had a defective soul," he said. "It disgusts me to think my childhood was sacrificed for your moments of pleasure."

Mr. Porter, 19, expressed similar sentiments. "You stole from me the man that I will never be. You stole from me the man I could have been," he said. "Instead now, I pick up the shattered pieces of my soul, my life forever changed.

"Rudy Kos: Think of this when you go to sleep at night. I know that you found in yourself some justification for what you have done, that we wanted it, that we liked it. I stand before you today and say, 'No, we did not,'" Mr. Porter said.

The victims' family members and friends cried and hugged one another after the jury's verdict.

Gail Pawlik, mother of one of the victims in the criminal case, said she is pleased that children will finally be protected from Mr. Kos. But, she said, she wants people to know that Mr. Kos was not the only criminal. She said the officials at the diocese acted criminally, too.

"They handed Rudy Kos and other pedophiles to us on a silver platter. They protected, pampered and promoted all these pedophiles for decades," she said. "Rudy Kos is a sick pervert, but what excuse does the church have?"

Mr. Kos' mother also blamed the diocese.

"I'm mad at the whole Catholic diocese. If they knew about this thing a long time ago, they should have stopped it and gotten help for him," Ms. Hosford said. "He was such a wonderful, wonderful priest, a wonderful person. He did so much for the people."


~Instead of repenting for wickedness, he is defending it! But then again the Catholic religion has been covering this stuff up for centuries.

~One Catholic wrote to us here at Jesus-is-lord and said that less than 1% of Catholic priests are sickos. This article challenges this meager assumption.

~Bishop John Kinney, the chairperson of the Ad-Hoc Committee on Clergy Sexual Abuse, claims that the sexual abuse by priests is a "minor" problem. What a lie! This perversity is worldwide! But then again he is being true to Mother Church, the whore of Revelation. Note: In Australia, 100 mentally-handicapped children were abused by Catholic religious brothers. Writer of this article gives other examples.