Do You Believe in Aliens?

By David J. Stewart

       If you are a professed Atheist, I ask you the question: Do you believe in aliens? Could not God be an alien? Yes, He most certainly is an alien. The dictionary defines the word “alien” as: “coming from or existing outside the earth or its atmosphere.” God is not of this world. The Bible teaches that God created the universe, which means that His presence transcends this universe.

It is contradictory for any Atheist to profess a belief in the existence of alien life (or at least the possibility thereof); while simultaneously denying the existence of God. If you believe that aliens may exist, then you certainly must concede that one of those aliens may be God.

Some people believe that the Pyramids of Egypt were built by aliens; but the Bible teaches that slave Israelites built the treasure cities of Pithom and Raamses for Pharaoh (Exodus 1:11). Evidence shows that it was mankind, and not aliens, that built the Pyramids of Egypt.

Perhaps you do not believe in alien life at all; but that would be speculation at best, because neither you nor anyone else can make such a claim with any confidence. How do you know that there is no alien life?  

So whether an Atheist believes in alien life or not is irrelevant to the fact that no one can say with any certainty that God does not exist. This logical reasoning proves that there is no such thing as a TRUE Atheist, only those who choose to reside in their ignorance of something they do not know for certain. Any honest person must admit that there could be a God.

The fact that Atheists refuse to even consider the possibility that God exists is self-incriminating evidence against them, because they are willingly ignorant of the possibility that alien life may exist in the universe or beyond.

Clearly, Atheists are biased against the Truth of God’s Word, without any logical reason or justification for their prejudice.  Logic dictates that alien life certainly may exist, and that means God.

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