By David J. Stewart

Romans 13:1, “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.”

       Government is established by the Lord, but not criminals. Apostate ministers and even criminals at work in the U.S. government are trying to corrupt the true meaning of Romans 13, in an attempt to brainwash people to OBEY the lawless tyrants who have taken over The White House.

Modern corrupt versions of the Bible, such as the loathsome New International Version [NIV] have perverted the Romans 13 passage to teach submission to government tyranny. Romans 13:1 in the NIV states...

“Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.”

The governing authorities? In sharp contrast, the King James Bible tells us to “be subject unto the higher powers.” The U.S. Constitution is a higher power than the “governing authorities.” Otherwise we have no rights. Our Bill of Rights (1st 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution) are a higher authority over the federal government. 

Sadly, these rights have been largely ignored and denied by federal and militarized state governments in recent times. The artificially created boogieman of terrorism has been used to bring us under an oppressive regime of abusive tyranny. Whereas millions of men died to give us our freedoms, it only took the death of 2,7521 citizens on 911 for us to surrender them.

God is a highest power over all. Acts 5:29, "We ought to obey God rather than men." The U.S. Constitution does not give us our rights—God does—The U.S. Constitution simply outlines our God-given rights. Howbeit, the Constitution is extremely important and we should defend it, because it does give to us legal enforcement of our rights. The drafters of the Bill of Rights (i.e., the first 10 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution) didn't trust the government, anymore than we should today, which is why they insisted on the right to own and carry guns in the 2nd Amendment. If everyone in society today owned and carried a gun, there would be virtually no crime. Despite President Barack Obama's false rhetoric, desperate efforts are underway by the federal government to make gun ownership almost an impossibility. They say that they're not against owning guns, yet they fully intend to make it so cost-prohibitive to own a gun that few people will be able to do so.

The True Meaning Of Romans 13 (501C3 taxbreak has indoctrinated churches with heresy)

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02/09 “Pork” Bailout Bill Could Ban Guns for Millions of Americans

“HR 1 is about more than just pork. Millions of gun owners stand to lose their gun rights without any due process.” Larry Pratt, GOA Executive Director

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Obama administration is putting a lot of pressure on Congress to slam through the most recent $800+ billion bailout package before anyone has an opportunity to read it.

The Obama administration intones that the details are unimportant. The only thing that matters is the “bigness.” And, by shipping a bill of nearly $900 billion (plus interest) to our children and grandchildren, the package is really, really big –- bigger, in fact, than the budget of our entire government for the first 170 years of our country’s existence.

But now that some of the details are finally starting to leak out of Washington, Gun Owners -– and a lot of other analysts -– are beginning to look at the fine print. And some of it is particularly scary.

Of particular concern to gun owners are sections 13101 through 13434 of HR 1, which would set up the infrastructure to computerize the medical records of ALL AMERICANS in a government-coordinated database.

True, the bill doesn’t mandate that the data will be in a giant computer under the Oval Office. But it does mandate that your medical records be reduced to a computerized form which is available to it in a second.

This it would do by establishing a National Coordinator for Health Information Technology –- tasked with, among other things, “providing information to help guide medical decisions at the time and place of care.”

It should be scary enough that a government bureaucrat is directed by statute to try to influence your doctor’s decisions with respect to your medical care.

But of even greater concern to gun owners is the fact that a government-coordinated database (which government can freely access) will now contain all records of government-provided and private psychiatric treatment -– including, in particular, the drugs which were prescribed.

Remember last year’s “NICS Improvement Act” otherwise known as the Veterans Disarmament Act? This law codified ATF’s attempts to make you a prohibited person on the basis of a government psychiatrist’s finding that you are a “danger” –- without a finding by any court. Well, roughly 150,000 battle-scarred veterans have already been unfairly stripped of their gun rights by the government.

But people who, as kids, were diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder... or seniors with Alzheimer’s... or police with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder... or people who are now theoretically covered by the new law... these people have, generally, not suffered the consequences of its sanctions YET. And the chief reason is that their records are not easily available to the government in a central, easily retrievable, computerized form.

The bailout bill would change all of that. It would push increasingly hard to force your private psychiatrist or government-sanctioned psychiatrist to turn over your psychiatric records to a massive database. This would be mandated immediately if your doctor does business with the government.

This would supposedly save Medicare money in connection with medical treatment. And, the sponsors insist, they would work very hard to protect your privacy.

But this turns the concept of “privacy” on its head. The privacy which is MOST important is privacy from the prying eyes of government –- not privacy of government data against the prying eyes of others. After all, many government data bases have been hacked in recent years, with mountains of information stolen.

So, once the government has access to these computerized psychiatric records, the stage will be set for using that database to take away the gun rights of those with Alzheimer’s, those with ADD, and those with PTSD.

ACTION: Write your two senators. Urge them to vote against the bailout bill (HR 1) until it is stripped of provisions which would turn your psychiatric records over to a central government-coordinated database against your will without you getting your day in court.

SOURCE: 02/09 “Pork” Bailout Bill Could Ban Guns for Millions of Americans

So the government is going to collect all your medical information, use it to influence your doctor's decisions concerning your medical care, and then they're going to deny you a gun license without a court's decision. Sections 13101 through 13434 of HR 1 will set up the infrastructure to computerize the medical records of all Americans in a government-coordinated database. This database will contain all records of medical and psychiatric treatment. This will include what drugs you have been prescribed. Under the NICS Improvement Act, 150,000 veterans have already been unfairly stripped of their gun rights by the government. These rights were removed without a court hearing. It is mostly spoiled Americans, who've never had to live under Communist oppression and tyranny, that think gun bans are a good idea. Guns in the hands of citizens equals freedom.

Every American citizen has a right to invoke their Bill of Rights. We have a right to freedom of religion (our beliefs), freedom of speech and press, and the freedom to assemble in protest without fear of police tyranny. Americans have a right to own and carry guns. We have a right to be free against unreasonable or unwarranted searches of our person or property. These rights are increasingly being violated in America by our own government. The entire notion of a Constitution-free zone is tyranny. Christians have a God-given and Constitutional right to preach against sin. President Obama wants to force Christian business owners to hire homosexuals and provide a non-offensive work environment for them. That's just sick. Can you imagine going into a Christian bookstore to buy a Bible and a homosexual male employee asks if he can help, who speaks like a sissy and behaves effeminate? If you complain to the owner, there's nothing he can do for fear of being sued and losing his business license from the State. That's how sicko America has become. You've got homosexual men and lesbians in California utilizing fertility clinics so they can have babies. That's insane!

Romans 13 Does Not Teach Submission to Violations of Our Bill of Rights

Romans 13 in the Bible teaches Christians to obey the higher powers; but that does not include criminal government which becomes a terror to good works. Romans 13:3, "For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same" (King James Bible). Notice that the Bible mentions “rulers.” This doesn't include ignorant thug cops, who have an ego problem, who couldn't care less about your Bill of Rights. We have every right to refuse to unreasonable searches of our person and vehicles.

When a Baptist pastor in Arizona refused to be searched without probable cause, he was tasered and brutally beaten by U.S. border police. The Bible tells us to submit only to rulers who are “not a terror to good works.” You're next!

Tragically, our government is increasingly becoming a terror to good works, clearly evidenced by the massive efforts underway to prohibit Bible-believing Christians from preaching against homosexuality and abortion. In July of 2011, the state of New York legalized same-sex marriages. Since no place of residence is required, gays nationwide can now get married in New York. It's sickening , immoral and of the Devil. America has gone to hell. We are worse than Sodom.

It takes a good man to break a bad man's laws. Daniel did just that, when he prayed in spite of a new law that made praying to the God of Jerusalem a crime. Daniel was tried and convicted and punished by being thrown into a lion's den. Why do you think Paul spent so much time in prison? It was because he taught people contrary to the law (Acts 18:13; 21:28). Michael Marcavage has been repeatedly arrested and even convicted in court, found guilty of preaching the Bible. Yet, moronic pastors and Christian leaders continue to teach their congregations to submit to abuse and tyranny. It's apostasy! In fact, the government has recruited 26,000 clergy so far to be part of their “Clergy Response Team,” with letters advising pastors to use Romans 13 to brainwash their congregations to obey government authorities. These letters came from Homeland Security!

They want you to quietly board the train to Auschwitz, don't resist the authorities, and then you can sort it all out when you get to Auschwitz; but you'll end up in the gas chamber of an oven. Hitler's victims were told that the trains were taking them to work. They were told that they'd have their head shaved, their clothes stripped for washing, and that they'd receive a shower and a hot meal. They were told when their work was done that they'd be able to go home and see their family again. It was all a lie to quell any uprising. They were lied to. And that is exactly what the Clergy Response Teams are in America.

Don't be a fool man! If you claim to be a man of God, then be a man of truth! Grow some gonads! Stop playing church and start standing against tyranny, wickedness and the criminals who are robbing our liberties, stealing our homes, eliminating our national sovereignty, sticking their hands down our pants at airports, and bankrupting our nation. Nothing is more pathetic than a cowardly pastor who has convinced himself that it is God's will to submit to criminals who are doing everything in their power to harm our children's future, bankrupt our nation, and inflict a Police State upon our nation. It truly is the 9th wonder of the world how gullible, foolish, complacent, indifferent, and willing Christian leaders are to lay down to criminals and tyranny. In particular, it is the larger ministries, who would have to pay millions-of-dollars in property taxes if they lost their 501c3 status, who are OWNED by the New World Order. They've sold their soul.

America's rulers have largely justified evil works; such as abortion, killing Terri Schiavo, gambling, homosexuality and all the sexual filth of sin-city. Pornography is legal. Abortion is legal. Drunkenness is legal. Gambling is legal. Prostitution is legal in Nevada and Rhode Island. Homosexuality is legal. Witchcraft is legal. Fornication is legal. Public nudity is legal in many places in America; such as, Haulover Beach in Florida and Brattleboro, Vermont. Someone needs to take an uncompromising stand for what is right! Someone needs to preach against sin and evil in America! Wake Up!


Any pastor or Christian leader that uses Romans 13 to teach that citizens should obey oppressive government authority is a liar. The U.S. National Guard kicked down people's front doors after hurricane Katrina, forcefully stripping them of their guns. Marshall Law is coming . . .

As Christians we are expected by God to obey our government rulers, but not when they become a terror unto us. So many of America's pastors are woefully ignorant of the truth, and would have stupidly led their congregations to board the trains to Auschwitz (i.e., to the holocaust death camps). It can get confusing at times with all the lying propaganda being circulated, but common sense tells us that what happened under Hitler, Stalin and Mao can happen here in America. Someone recently discovered 500,000 plastic coffins in Georgia, purchased by FEMA. Connect the dots.

"So, as an honest Bible preacher, obeying the plain commands of God, I must speak out against corruption and immorality.  Waste, corruption, the taking away of men's freedom and the seizing of men's property, these sins every honest preacher must condemn and every honest Christian must disavow. "

SOURCE: Dr. Rice... Here Are More Questions;  Question: Should politics and religion be mixed?; by Dr. John R. Rice, pg. 249, Sword of the Lord Publishers; 1973, ISBN: 0-87398-157-X

"On moral matters where right and wrong are involved, and where the Bible clearly speaks, many preachers have so compromised and sold out, and are so afraid of their congregations, that they cannot give the clear Word of God. God pity the preacher who is afraid to preach against sin just because somebody will cry 'politics'! "

SOURCE: Dr. Rice... Here Are More Questions;  Question: Should politics and religion be mixed?; by Dr. John R. Rice, pg. 250, Sword of the Lord Publishers; 1973, ISBN: 0-87398-157-X

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We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home!


“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. —George Orwell

Speaking Out Against Evils in Government

Titus 3:1-2,  “Put them in mind to be subject to principalities and powers, to obey magistrates, to be ready to every good work, To speak evil of no man, to be no brawlers, but gentle, shewing all meekness unto all men.”

       I recently heard a pastor of a very large church foolishly state that it's wrong to criticize President Obama for any reason. The pastor used the Biblical text, “speak evil of no man” from Titus 3:2. Unfortunately he took the verse out of context. The Bible does not prohibit Christians from speaking out against evil; but rather, not speaking evil.

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It is impossible to have liberty in a two-party system.

If voting could change anything it would be illegal!

“A conspiracy theorist is anyone who pays attention to facts or analysis.”Dr. Craig Roberts

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