Freedom Isn't Free!

By David J. Stewart

Lest anyone should accuse me of being anti-American, I am not. I believe in a strong military. I am not against joining the military. I love America! I believe in freedom. Thank God for the veterans who have fought and many who have died to preserve our freedom in the United States and its territories. To America's veterans, I say respectfully, Thank you!

However, what I am against is government corruption. I am against the government exploiting our youth in the military for agendas which have nothing to do with America. Even Alan Greenspan, chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve board of directors for 19-years, stated that “the Iraq war was 'largely' about oil” . . .

Greenspan admits Iraq was about oil, as deaths put at 1.2 million

"The man once regarded as the world's most powerful banker has bluntly declared that the Iraq war was 'largely' about oil.

Appointed by Ronald Reagan in 1987 and retired last year after serving four presidents, Alan Greenspan has been the leading Republican economist for a generation and his utterings instantly moved world markets.

In his long-awaited memoir - out tomorrow in the US - Greenspan, 81, who served as chairman of the US Federal Reserve for almost two decades, writes: 'I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil.' "

SOURCE: Greenspan admits Iraq was about oil, as deaths put at 1.2m | World news | The Observer (09-16-07)

The American people were lied to, told that the Iraqi war was to preserve freedom. Nothing could be further from the truth. The alleged Weapons of Mass Destruction were never found. As a U.S. citizen, and as a taxpayer, it upsets me that thousands of American youth and hundreds-of-thousands of Iraqis have been needlessly killed in an unconstitutional, illegal war that has NOTHING to do with defending America. Our young people are being used as paid mercenaries to fight someone else's battle, being maliciously exposed to deadly Depleted Uranium.

While America's borders remain unsecured and 11,000 illegals flood into the United States daily, our young people serving in Iraq and their families are suffering needlessly, forfeiting their lives for agendas that have absolutely nothing to do with preserving America's freedom. I cannot support America's troops when they are killing innocent people. What gives Americans the right to do as we please? If we are supposed to support the troops because they are merely following orders, then we ought to also support the Nazi soldiers who killed millions of Jews as part of their job. I am not trying to be unkind, but at what point do we as Americans say to our run amuck government, “Enough!” Blind and unquestioning obedience to government is not taught in the Scriptures. If you disagree with what I am saying, then you are criticizing our founding fathers who broke away from the tyranny of England in 1776.

Please understand, I am not against the troops, nor the military, nor obedience to government, nor to freedom. I am unalterably against the government abusing their power, costing our children's lives on the battlefield. Cindy Sheehan is just one of thousands of grieving parents, who needlessly lost her child in a war to steal Iraq's oil to make the rich richer, while Americans continue to lose their jobs and their homes. The American taxpayer has been stuck with over ONE TRILLION dollars in debt from the Iraqi invasion. Not one penny of the proceeds from the sale of Iraqi oil has gone to reimburse the American people. We are being betrayed, victimized and exploited by the powers that be in The White House, congress and other top government departments. It is spiritual wickedness in high places.

I am as patriotic as the most patriotic American. I love the American flag and for what it represents—freedom from oppression. Sadly, we are being oppressed by the very government leaders who are sworn to protect our liberties. We have been betrayed in so many ways by our own government leaders—from the Enron scandal to the 911 attacks—from the Iraqi invasion to the Federal Reserve scam—from the Oklahoma City Bombing to the open borders—from the theft of Social Security to the theft of the year 2000 Presidential election—from the outsourcing of American jobs overseas to the oppressive inheritance gift tax—from the pardoning of massive criminals to the life imprisonment of petty offenders—from the murder of Terri Shiavo to the giving away of hundreds-of-billions of taxpayer dollars to foreign nations—from the disappearance of trillions-of-dollars of taxpayer money to the treasonous Patriot Acts—we have been betrayed!

I am not against government nor authority, God forbid. I am against corruption and evil, because as a child of God the Bible commands us to “rise up for me against the evildoers” and to “stand up for me against the workers of iniquity” (Psalm 94:16). It is our God-given right, outlined by the First Amendment, and our patriotic duty to defend our nation from tyranny and evil from within. We are not to be blind followers of criminals serving their own selfish interests in places of power; but rather, to be mindful citizens who question and demand accountability of our entrusted leaders, who do what they do in OUR name and with OUR money; therefore, it is OUR business.

If America's military were used properly to uphold liberty and defend freedom, then I would recommend that young men join the military. However, as long as our military is controlled by corporate criminals to do their dirty work, killing innocent foreigners and stealing their oil, being used as heroine farmers in Afghanistan, and policing patriots on American soil... I am 100% against partaking of such wickedness and so should you!!!

As long as Christian pastors and leaders support the troops unquestionably—the tyranny, oppression, and injustice will continue; until the tyranny is one day turned against the American people and we reap what we have sown as a nation.

Yes, freedom isn't free, and I support America's veterans who've bravely fought to defend it; but I cannot support the Nazi-style invasion of Iraq, which makes us no better than Germany when they invaded Poland in 1939, thus beginning World War 2. Defending American freedom is one thing; but volunteering to serve the selfish interests of a run amuck government that is reminiscent of Nazi Germany in WW2 is an entirely different matter. Wake up America!

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