Max Lucado and the New World Order

By David J. Stewart

Pastor Max Lucado is a deceiver for the New World Order (NWO). Max Lucado says on his website...

“For the believer in Christ the whole world is our neighbor. The shrinking globe in which we live puts our neighbors not just next door, down the street, but also across the border. Without question these spiritually-needy people are searching for the truth. I would urge you to pray for immigrants, pray for immigrants whether legal or illegal, because they're all a part of God's heart, and they're also a part of God's plan. Drop encouraging words. Give them encouragement, not discouragement. Take food to those who have little. Provide a place for those who have not much. God has always loved those who come from alien places and He's made them feel at home in His country. May we do the same. May we love our neighbors.”


To achieve a New World Order, global unity is necessary. Unity is their key word. In Genesis 11 God scattered mankind across the face of the earth, and changed their languages, as a safeguard to prevent the apostasy of Noah's day all over again. Jesus knew that in the Last Days Satan would reunite the world through technology. The NWO would be impossible if it weren't for modern communications such as satellites, television, movies, the internet, et cetera.

As Max Lucado admits in the preceding quote, the world is getting smaller and smaller (what he terms “the shrinking globe”). This is why we hear so much from the mainstream newsmedia, top singers, Hollywood celebrities, elite educators, top leaders of industries, and world leaders, a call for UNITY.

Max Lucado is a gifted teacher and says some really great things. I actually enjoyed listening to Pastor Lucado. The UPWORDS section of his website is fabulous for the most part. Yet, Max Lucado is a plant for the NWO gang, a puppet of the leaders of the NWO, ready to act when the time comes. The purpose of these deceivers, including Rick Warren and others, is to win the hearts and respect of as many people as possible; and then when the time comes, lead them into the NEW WORLD ORDER.

These ministers exploit Christianity for their own gain, sincerely in many cases; but Satan is using them to lead churchgoers into apostasy. Max Lucado sounds very convincing, but he doesn't preach the truth as he should or else he wouldn't be so popular (John 7:7; 2nd Timothy 3:12). The name of the game is deception!!! (2nd Corinthians 11:13-15; Matthew 7:15). Max Lucado is being widely promoted for that very reason, that is, because he is NON-OFFENSIVE and has won the hearts of tens-of-millions of Americans; putting him in a dangerous position of influence over all those people for the New World Order.

Book Retailers Push Max Lucado's Books

I went into a religious bookstore (I hesitate to call them Christian anymore because of all the heretical material and authors they promote) and saw a giant first-class looking display featuring nothing but Max Lucado. Now I know why after reading the following article from WorldNetDaily...

Maximum dose of Max Lucado

By Jim Fletcher, November 29, 2010
© 2011 WND

What a relief that Thomas Nelson has announced a new promotional plan for mega-selling author Max Lucado. The publishing giant will be making sure its author giant is in front of audiences for the foreseeable future:

"Thomas Nelson has announced an 'unprecedented' three-year sales program for best-selling author Max Lucado's products. The Lucado Impact Plan incorporates all product lines – adult, children's, gift products, Bible study, fiction and Bibles – for both frontlist and backlist titles.

"Nelson Senior Vice President and Group Publisher David Moberg said that the long-term program was a first for the book industry. 'The plan is unprecedented,' he said. 'This is a unique opportunity for retailers to strategically leverage all that only the Lucado brand can offer their consumers.'"
This is further confirmation that Lucado's books will help obliterate opportunities for other authors to have their product place in Christian retail chains. His end-cap displays, floor displays, hologram displays and floor-covering displays (I'm making those last two up, out of sarcasm) all ensure that the limited space available for books in Christian bookstores – bursting at the seams with gifts and music – will become even more limited.

Maximum dose of Max Lucado

Max Lucado Foolishly Says Illegal Immigrates are Part of God's Plan

Open borders may be a part of Satan's plan, but it's certainly not God's plan. God cannot do wrong. Breaking the law is wrong. Just because the Bible tells us about the New World Order (Revelation 13:1-4; 17:9-18) doesn't mean that God is behind it. God segregated mankind at Babel. It is Satan who wants to reunite the world in rebellion against God, as it was in the days of Noah (Matthew 24:37-39). God is for separation of the nations (Acts 17:26); Satan is for unity.

The Bible teaches that God has reserved the wicked for the day of judgment (2nd Peter 2:9). The kings of the earth are as pawns in the hand of an omnipotent God. Everything does happen according to God's divine purpose and plan, but that in no way means that God makes those evil men do what they do. God taketh men in their own craftiness and human wisdom, as fools (1st Corinthians 1:25). 

Max Lucado is definitely part of the New World Order and will no doubt be a supporter of the treasonous North American Union which is right around the corner for Mexico, Canada, and the United States. Lucado states...

“pray for immigrants whether legal or illegal, because they're all a part of God's heart, and they're also a part of God's plan.


What does illegal immigration have to do with God's heart? Do you see how subtle and deceptive he is? Since when is breaking the law and illegally trespassing into another nation God's plan? If we are to warmly welcome Mexicans who have illegally entered the country, then why have laws at all? Why not just let the whole world immigrate to the U.S., having no skills, speaking no English, all applying and receiving government welfare at the expense of U.S. taxpayers? Max Lucado is about as anti-American as benedict Arnold in what he is teaching.

Lucado goes on to teach...

“Drop encouraging words. Give them encouragement, not discouragement.”


So now Lucado wants his tens-of-millions of followers to encourage illegal immigrants. Why should we encourage law-breakers for illegally sneaking into the country? They should be arrested and deported. If you are Mexican I love you and mean no unkindness toward you, but illegal immigration has devastated our nation. Just in California alone, 84 hospitals have been forced into bankruptcy because of illegal immigration. Americans who can't find work are being forced now to compete with illegals for remaining minimum-wage jobs. Max Lucado doesn't seem to care about the disastrous toll illegal immigration has had upon the American economy and it's citizens. No, we SHOULDN'T ENCOURAGE THEM!

Our nation is turning into Mexico with its crime-filled and drug-infested neighborhoods; its citizens oppressed by corrupt-police and politicians. No man of God should support anything that destroys the sovereignty of our nation, gives refuge to criminals, and betrays liberty and freedom. For every illegal immigrant that illegally crosses the U.S. border to illegally gain liberty and freedom, one American loses their liberty and freedom to the same degree (in the form of economic Communism that robs hard-working citizens of their equity, freely giving it to illegals who can't even speak English or fill out a job application).

The Marriott hotel chain (owned by the Mormons) hire thousands of illegal immigrants. What they do is hire a bilingual Mexican to oversee all the other employees who can't speak a lick of English. That's how they get around not speaking English in the U.S. and taking American's jobs here. It's treason that our Communist politicians permit this type of oppression against the American people. Our government has committed so many crimes against us that only God in Heaven knows the total extent of the tyranny and oppression. In just 2009 and 2010, Wall Street thieves working in Washington D.C. have looted $23,700,000,000,000 from the American citizens. Not one person has been arrested, indicted, or held accountable for the crime; and Congress is terrified to stand up for fear of becoming the next James Traficant Jr.

Pastor Max Lucado also says concerning illegal immigrants...

“Without question these spiritually-needy people are searching for the truth.”


No, they're searching for a better life economically in America, because their own Mexican government is so evil, corrupt, and dysfunctional. Now they're bringing all their troubles over here to America. Mexicans are deliberately having ANCHOR BABIES (a child born in the U.S. that is their foot in the door). I believe in immigration and am all for it; but NOT ILLEGALLY. You can't just let immigrants invade America by the tens-of-millions without destroying our nation's sovereignty. If there's no border, then there's no country (and there is no country anymore). The republic has fallen!!!

The damage is done. Hillary, Obama and all the rest of the puppet gang are doing everything in their power to legalize the illegals. It has ruined our economy. But that's been the globalists plan for decades, that is, to sell out America to foreign interests and make us all depend upon the government to support us (thus giving them total control over our lives). Fifty-million Americans are now receiving welfare Food Stamps as of 2011. What Happened to America?

Who Left the Door Open?

Max Lucado says God always welcome aliens and therefore, we should embrace illegal immigrants and provide for them...

“Take food to those who have little. Provide a place for those who have not much. God has always loved those who come from alien places and He's made them feel at home in His country. May we do the same. May we love our neighbors.”


Can you believe that an American pastor is teaching this? This is as anti-American as you can get! To attempt to justify illegal immigration, illegally entering the U.S. is wrong theologically. There is nothing unscriptural about laws protecting a nation's sovereignty. The entire reason for the U.S. Constitution is to protect our person, property, and liberty. Open borders are a threat to every American citizen who is forced to pay for welfare to support illegals. God doesn't support taking men's wealth to support law-breakers and people in other nations. Charity is not charity if it's mandatory; then it becomes Communist tyranny! Our government puts people in prison for not paying taxes, while that same government steal trillions-of-dollars from U.S. citizens, looting our economy, and giving our jobs away to foreigners.

I am not saying that Max Lucado supports crime, not at all. My only issue with Pastor Lucado is that he is theologically wrong  on the issue of embracing illegals, providing for them, and saying that they are a part of God's plan. That's ridiculous. That's like saying that thieves breaking into your home to steal from you are a part of God's plan. There's no difference between a thief breaking into your home, verses the illegals that we are forced to support with welfare. Illegals receive free education, healthcare, food stamps, and other provisions that American citizens are blatantly denied when they need them. That is sad. People born and raised in America are denied government benefits, scholarships, and help during tough times; while illegals have the red-carpet rolled out for them. It is evil.

Open borders are a part of the New World Order's agenda. It is obvious to me that Max Lucado is a part of the New World Order, which is why he is so supportive of illegals. I think it's a shame.

I'm all for legal immigration. The issue is NOT about race, as most illegals try to make it; but rather, about American citizens not being forced to support people who illegally enter our nation and then we have to support them. Hardly any of them can speak understandable English. The politicians and leaders who do nothing about the open borders are hurting America's citizens and generations to come. It is criminal oppression and God will punish those who allow stealing, theft, and unlawful deeds. Open borders amount to theft. Illegal immigration equals robbing America's citizens, plain and simple.

Beware of the New World Order and Those Who Embrace it

See ENDGAME (blueprint for global enslavement) by Alex Jones for a detailed documentary of America's destruction by design. The borders have been left open deliberately in order to bring about the North American Union, all leading toward a prison-planet. The following thought-provoking warning is from American patriot, Alex Jones...

In the near future, earth is dominated by a powerful world government. Once free nations are slaves to the will of a tiny elite. The dawn of a new dark-age is upon mankind. Countries are a thing of the past. Every form of independence is under attack, with the family and even the individual itself, nearing extinction. Close to 80% of the earth's population has been eliminated. The remnants of a once free humanity are forced to live within highly controlled, compact, prison-like cities. Travel is highly restricted. Super highways connect the mega cities and keep the population from entering into unauthorized zones. No human activity is private. A.I. [artificial intelligence] super-computers chronicle and categorize every action.

A prison-planet dominated by a ruthless gang of control-freaks, whose power can never be challenged. This is the vision of the global elite. Their goal—a program of total dehumanization, where the science of tyranny is law. A worldwide control grid designed to ensure the overlord's monopoly of power forever. Our species will be condemned to this nightmare future unless the masses are awakened to the master New World Order plan and mobilized to defeat it.

SOURCE: ENDGAME (blueprint for global enslavement) by Alex Jones

As crazy as this all may sound, if you pay attention to everything that is happening in the world today, you'll witness that we are headed for this exact scenario. It is happening!!! The Georgia Guidestones mysteriously appeared in 1979, outlining the plans of the sinister global elite. Literally, they listed their plot written in stone (and so it shall be). This is the Beast System of the coming Antichrist.

Although it is inevitably going to happen, we ought never lay down and accept tyranny and criminal oppression as Christians. To do so is a sin. Psalm 94:16 tells us to RISE UP against the evildoers. Sadly, many churchgoers are embracing the NWO, like it is a good thing. The Bible teaches that the Antichrist BY PEACE SHALL DESTROY MANY (Daniel 8:25). The Bible says “by peace,” not by war, shall the Antichrist DESTROY MANY. It is because of humanity's indifference and complacency that the New World Order will succeed, just as it is our complacency that tolerates abortion, pornography, and same-sex marriage. The silence of Christians around the world is deafening. MAKE SOME NOISE!!!

The criminals who have taken over our nation want chaos. They want to create internal strife, riots, division, neighbor rising up against neighbour. It's all part of their plan to destroy America, to bring “one out of many” (which is stated on the back of every U.S. dollar bill, meaning, order out of chaos). From the ashes of America's doom will arise a New World Order (MP3). Please read, WHY THE ANTICHRIST MUST COME SOON.

Illegal Aliens Cause 84 California Hospitals to Close!

Obama has promised to give these criminals driver's licenses!

"Take away the heritage of a people and they are easily persuaded." — Karl Marx