Einstein Was a Communist!


You most likely remember the big hoopla over Time magazine's pick as Person of the Century. The online poll was a battle royale all containing choices of the strange to the outlandish. The real battle though was clearly whether Adolf Hitler would win the poll. And he almost did. But at the last moment a dark horse appeared and, like any good democracy, the polls were stretched and turned end over end to where a satisfactory result appeared that would please the Jewish owners of the magazine. Albert Einstein won the poll and why not? He is Jewish and his alleged abilities have been slavishly celebrated in the media for years. Other than a Martin Luther King anything is better than a "dead white guy" being proclaimed as the most important person of the century.

The "Reverend" Martin Luther King (Communist, plagiarizer, and sexual pervert) certainly met all the requirements for top kosher pick except one; he wasn't Jewish. And that is what sets Einstein apart from the rest. The mass media can point at Einstein and say "there is a man that defined all that we know about our universe and revolutionized the world of science." He was also according to the media a "militant pacifist" and "hater of war." We at the National Militant know that this type of propaganda is a load of BS and within a reasonable amount of space we will make our case against this "genius" and "humanitarian."

E= Einstein's Plagiarism

Uneducated, without imagination, or skill as a third rate worker at a patent office at the age of 26 Einstein claimed that he received a number of revelations in his dreams that would shock the world of science to it's extreme depths. The "great mathematician" as he would later be hailed had previously failed an entrance exam to an engineering school in Zurich, which consisted of relatively simple mathematics. Without an education, any sort of laboratory, or the help of any educated scientists Einstein wrote four "groundbreaking essays" in 1905 which would create his myth as a genius and the most celebrated scientist of the 20th century.

His four widely acclaimed essays were brilliant works of plagiarism, which simply repeated already established concepts contributed to the world of physics by other scientists. It is curious that even after his essays were published he still had trouble being hired on in any academic institution for years. It was only until the Jewish media announced him as a genius that anyone took notice of this incompetent patent office worker. Thanks to the propaganda of the world press his fame would later eclipse the numerous successes of German geniuses such as Max Planck and Erwin Schrödinger, for the sole reason that they continued to work in Germany and were loyal to the National Socialist government. Their work was considered secondary to plagiarizers by guilt of association.

Aside from the numerous scientists whose work was plagiarized, which still has yet to be addressed, one glaring example of Einstein's plagiarism has not escaped the notice of the world press because of the severity of it. Albert Einstein published his paper on the theory of relativity with the equation E=mc2 which arguably more than anything else gained him notoriety as Person of the Century and the century's most famous scientist. The equation is the most widely known even among people who do not even understand anything about physics at all. It has become somewhat of a cultural icon of science. The mere mention of it has been conditioned in people to immediately think of genius at work.

But unknown to much of the academic world until recently, an Italian scientist, Olinto de Pretto, published the same equation in the Italian magazine Atte in 1903, two years prior to Einstein's paper on relativity. Olinto de Pretto's research was republished again in 1904. Albert Einstein, who was well-read concerning the scientific works of Italians, never mentioned the name of Olinto de Pretto and wrote his paper as if it was he who discovered the equation.

From the Dec. 2, 1999 issue of the Italian magazine Gente:

"There can be no doubts, the proofs are incontestable Olinto De Pretto put into writing the most famous formula of our century in 1903, in a work entitled Ipotese sell'etere nella vita dell'universo, which was officially presented on November 29 of that year to the Royal Scientific Institute of Veneto. The news did not pass unobserved, and aroused the interest of the great astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli.  The paper of Olinto De Pretto was included in a small volume on February 2 of the next year, 1904, with a preface by Schiaparelli, that was published by the Royal Institute..."

"More Communist Affiliations than Stalin"

Over 1,400 pages of investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, released recently under the Freedom of Information Act, into the background of Einstein revealed that he was was a member, sponsor, or affiliated with 34 communist fronts and served as honorary chairman for three communist organizations. The report has the baffling conclusion that Albert Einstein had more Communist affiliations than the Soviet dictator Josef Stalin!

The Marxist leader V.I. Lenin described a solar system of organizations, with no direct connections with the Communist Party, through which sympathizers could be made who would not normally support the Communist cause, but would not know they were working for the Communist Party. Einstein while not working publicly with any Communist party enlisted in numerous Communist inspired and funded organizations using his media inflated public image to draw in more "useful idiots" to Bolshevik causes. Here is a large sampling of Einstein's affiliations:

  1. The World Congress Against Imperialist War - The Communist International (Comintern) organized this congress which was attended by over 800 Communist delegates from around Europe with Albert Einstein serving on the "International Organizing Committee."
  2. The Worker's International Relief - Einstein was a great admirer and supporter of this creation of the Comintern.
  3. The War Resisters International - Affiliated with Anarchist and Communist groups, this group considered Einstein an imminent member and spokesperson.
  4. World Congress of the Anti-Imperialist League - Einstein served as a leader of this Comintern affiliate.
  5. The War Resisters League - American sister-organization of the War Resisters International, Einstein was chosen to be "Honorary Chairman."
  6. American League Against War and Fascism - Einstein is on record of endorsing their convention in Pittsburgh, November of 1937, called the "People's Congress for Democracy and Peace." Earl Browder, vice president of the League and General Secretary of the Communist Party, addressed this convention.
  7. North American Committee to Aid Spanish Democracy - Anarcho-Communist organization, Einstein served on the Advisory Committee.
  8. Friends of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade - An organization dedicated to bring back members from Spain of the "Abraham Lincoln Brigade" which recruited American volunteers into a Anarcho-Communist partisan army to fight in the Spanish Civil War. Einstein was a member of the National Campaign Committee of this organization.
  9. International Labor Defense* - Used at times as a legal defense organization, was directly connected to the Communist Party. Einstein affiliated.
  10. League of American Writers - Communist culture front for Marxist writers. Einstein affiliated.
  11. Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee - Used to rescue Communist operatives from unsympathetic lands and obtain grateful manpower as "useful idiots." Einstein affiliated.
  12. Committee for Peace through World Cooperation - The name speaks for itself. One world government Comintern front group. Einstein affiliated.
  13. National Committee for American-Soviet Friendship - Originally founded in 1920 as the "Friends of the Soviet Union." Einstein affiliated.
  14. American Friends of the Chinese People - Front group for aid of Chinese Communists. Einstein affiliated.
  15. American Committee for the Protection of the Foreign Born - Comintern front group. Einstein affiliated.
  16. National Federation for Constitutional Liberties* - Einstein was a supporter of this Communist front formed to protect Communists from questioning by government agencies and to abolish the Un-American Committee which was unearthing Communists in entertainment and government positions.
  17. Spanish Refugee Relief Campaign - Front to assist Communist agents who were kicked out of the country by Spanish Nationalists. Einstein affiliated.

*In 1945 the International Labor Defense and the National Federation for Constitutional Liberties merged with the Marxist inspired National Negro Congress to form the Civil Rights Congress (CRC). The CRC was led by an open black Communist lawyer by the name of William L. Patterson who defended minority hoodlums and left wing radicals.

Einstein the Hypocrite

Though a public pacifist and a tireless campaigner for years against all types of wars Einstein helped to rally up support for America to enter into war with Germany. In 1939 and 1940 with the killing in full swing Einstein wrote two letters imploring President Franklin Roosevelt to develop a program to develop an atomic bomb which he insists must be used on Germany. The very fact that he insists in the creation of an atomic bomb, the most destructive weapon of war known to man at that time, is proof enough that what he had in mind was not ending war but in the death of hundreds of thousands of people; almost all old men, women and children.

Einstein and the Soviet Spy Ring

At the request of Albert Einstein, Dr. Albert Fuchs was brought to the United States to work on the Manhattan Project*; a think-tank of scientists to create the world's first atomic weapon. From 1942 to 1945 Dr. Fuchs was privy to top secret atomic secrets and was part of a large Soviet spy ring to supply the U.S.S.R. with top secret information concerning the Project. Following the arrest of Fuchs for espionage, interrogation by government officials unearthed nine others in the conspiracy, 8 of them Jews:

*It is very important to note that although Einstein was supportive of an atomic weapon to be used on German women and children (the men were off fighting on the front) and it was supposedly his work that made the a-bomb largely possible Einstein had no scientific or technical input in the Manhattan Project at all. If his work was genuine would he not take part in what he had implored President Roosevelt for?

Pravda Calls Einstein "Friend"

In 1947, Pravda, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of the USSR hailed a number of entertainers, politicians, and scientists who they felt were truly friends of the USSR and guided by the principles of international Communism. All of these "intellectuals" honored were rightly so because all were either open Communists are affiliated with numerous Communist front groups.

Albert Einstein was included in this "honor roll" for his work with numerous Marxist front groups. Pravda went on to say that; "foreign democratic intellectuals have become more and more convinced that only by following the principles of the USSR is defending in the field of international relations can the leaders of science and culture be set free from the fate of the servants of imperialism."

Einstein was NO Christian