NARNIA and Satanism
by David J. Stewart

Within 15 minutes of the opening scene, viewers of Walt Disney's movie, NARNIA, are face to face with Pan, the pagan fertility god which Wiccan witches worship and adore worldwide.  The image to the left pictures PAN, the pagan sex god.  The image to the right is a statue of the character, Mr. Tumnus, in NARNIA.  Pan is deceitfully renamed to "Tumnus" in the movie, but anyone who is familiar with Satanism and witchcraft can instantly recognize Pan, the evil sexually-perverted god...

"Despite the declaration of his death, however, Pan is widely worshiped by Neopagans and Wiccans today, where he is considered a powerful God and an archetype of male virility and sexuality." -WIKIPEDIA

"Pan is famous for his sexual prowess, and is often depicted with an erect phallus. He was believed by the Greeks to have plied his charms primarily on maidens and shepherds, such as Daphnis. Though he failed with Syrinx and Pitys, Pan didn't fail with the Maenads—he had every one of them, in one orgiastic riot or another. To effect this, Pan was sometimes multiplied into a whole tribe of Panes." -WIKIPEDIA

"It is likely that the demonized images of the incubus and even the horns and cloven hooves of Satan, as depicted in much Christian literature and art, were taken from the images of the highly sexual Pan." -WIKIPEDIA

In lieu of such evidence, how can any professed Christian endorse such a demonic movie as NARNIA?   Yet, Christians all across America are praising this evil movie which promotes Satan.  Look at the photo of Tumnus to the left.  Please notice the Devil's horns coming out of his head.  In NARNIA, Tumnus is one of the good characters.  Do you think this is all just a coincidence?  No my friend, Satan is working relentlessly to poison the minds of our children.  Tragically, the average Christian parent is so woefully ignorant of the Word of God that they are easy prey for Satanic deceptions.  This is why so many professed Christians see no harm in Harry Potter.  Folks, 1st Samuel 15:23 declares that witchcraft is a SIN.  What if Harry Potter were going to the school of immoral sex or cold-blooded murder?  Don't you accept the Biblical teaching that witchcraft is a wicked sin?  Worldly believers have become desensitized by Rock-n-Roll, late night shows, Hellivision, etc.  It is tragic that sin is no longer recognized as sin!

NARNIA and Pedophilia

Lucy Pevensie's character and Mr. Tumnus' character (played by James McAvoy), and their subtle interactions, give the impression of a pedophile trying to lure a little girl into his house.  The whole scene is creepy and the spirit of pedophilia is definitely at work in this movie.  Tumnus (Pan, a faun) represents the Devil, trying to seduce a young girl.  The FACT that Tumnus is modeled after Pan, one of the most sexually perverted gods in witchcraft, doesn't bode well for Walt Disney's intentions.  If you doubt what I am saying, you won't by the end of this article.  In fact, you are going to be sickened.  Furthermore, Tumnus' and his flute have magical powers, just like the Devil.  Tumnus puts the little girl to sleep with his music.  The next scene shows the little girl waking up and Tumnus crying, claiming that he has done something very bad.  The subtle implication is that he sexually molested her.  Remember folks, pan is the demonic pagan god of sexual perversion and rape.  In fact, most images of pan show him with an erection.

Furthermore, the movie encourages little girls to trust strangers.  In today's world, Tumnus would be considered a pedophile.  No man with a brain would bring a strange little girl alone into his home.  The whole atmosphere created by this scene is one of pedophilia.  Also notice how innocent and precious Walt Disney makes the little girl if the best is prepared for Satan's delight (a Satanic sacrifice).  The whole concept of pan being a good character in NARNIA is Satanic in itself.  Pan is widely recognized by witches and Satanists as the god of fertility, an absolute pervert who can't get enough sex.  Pan is a pedophile.  Please Read, Further Into The Depths of Satan Concerning the sexual perversion of NARNIA.

Take a look at Pan's Labyrinth and you'll see where all these demonic movies are heading!

Walt Disney, 666, and Witchcraft

Notice in the photo to the left that there are three cleverly hidden 6's in the words "Walt Disney."  Also notice that Mickey mouse is wearing a sorcerer's hat and casting a magic spell.  Walt Disney is of the Devil, controlled by secret society Illuminist's who are trying to corrupt every child in America.  Satan is the god of this world, he operates primarily through secret occult societies and esoteric groups.  All of the worlds top political, corporate, financial, and media leaders are members of such Satanic organizations (such as Skull and Bones and Freemasonry).  Walt Disney himself was a 33rd degree Freemason, an occult organization whose members are often guilty of pedophilia, but are never prosecuted --Please read Masonic Child Abusers (this website contains tons of information).  George Bush Sr. is a Freemason as well --Read about the Franklin Cover-ups, about the little boys being raped by Washington politicians.  In 1922, master Satanist and 33rd degree Freemason Aleister Crowley published Dairy of a Drug Fiend, which was about the use of cocaine.  He described the widespread use of cocaine among Hollywood stars, which he described as “cocaine-crazed sexual lunatics.”  Crowley died a wasted heroin addict given to rages and doubts.  His last words were “I am perplexed…” Crowley worshipped the demon god Pan, the god of sexuality and lust.  His “Hymn to Pan” was read at his funeral: “I rave and I rape and I rip and I rend/ Everlasting world without end!”   There is the demonic debauchery behind nearly everything nowadays, from music to Movies.  Don't believe it?  Did you know that Johnny Cash sang 2 songs written by Danzig, a known Satanist.  Dolly Parton recently sang and re-popularized Led Zeppelin's demonic Stairway to Heaven.  Satan is creeping in everywhere!!! 

Just in case you still don't believe me that Walt Disney is straight from Hell, keep reading.

Walt Disney and Sexual Perversion


I think the photos speak for themselves

The word "sex" written in the sky ("The lion king")


Notice the woman at the window ("The Rescuers").  I added the white spots to cover her bare breasts.  Walt Disney's perverts thinks it's cute to place porno in their movies.  

A scene from Roger Rabbit.  I had to block out a big section to hide the indecency.

Disney, not to be outdone...

The Disney corporation appears to be focusing their sexual degradation on young girls instead of young boys. The obvious effect of creating cartoon rides out of sex toys can have no other intent than to lead our young children... boys AND girls... our precious future... down the path of emotional developmental mind control.


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