P.O.D. Blasphemes Jesus Christ!

By David J. Stewart

PHOTO: One of the most blatantly blasphemous and perverted images of the Lord Jesus Christ ever displayed, P.O.D. proudly parades during their concerts — the Lord Jesus Christ as a Rastafarian — complete with dreadlocks! This same photo (or one like it) is proudly displayed in HM magazine and CCM!

The "fundamental of fundamentals of fundamentals" of the Christian faith is the PERSON of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Everything we believe, is based DIRECTLY upon the PERSON of the Lord Jesus Christ. EVERYTHING. Christianity lives and dies on the PERSON — not the teachings or morals or example — but WHO He was.

The Christian faith is different from any other faith in the world because of the object of it's faith. Unlike other religions, our faith is not based on the teachings but upon the PERSON of the Lord Jesus Christ.

For example:
Buddha might say, "The way has been revealed unto me."
Mohammed might say, "My teachings and the Koran can show you the way."

But the Lord Jesus Christ says:

"I AM the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."
John 14:6
Satan knows, if he's to be successful in his rebellion [which he will not], he's got to distort the Bible portrait of the PERSON of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is what the Apostle Paul was warning the Corinthians in 2nd Corinthians 11:4 that Satan has "another Jesus". Satan will do what ever it takes to diminish the holy, perfect, sinless, Lamb of God. Redefine Him. Repackage Him. Make Him like one of us. Ever so subtil (See 2nd Corinthians 11:3) — ever so slight. Let's bring Him down to our level.

But the Lord Jesus said in John 12:32...

"And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me."
We're not to drag the Lord Jesus down to this earth! We're to LIFT HIM UP!

And in much of Contemporary Christian Music there is a distortion and perversion of the Lord Jesus Christ. They try to make Him "cool", hip, super-tolerant, boys-will-be-boys, all loving, sugar-daddy in the sky. Of course, any one slightly familiar with the Bible knows how false this is. (see Matthew 23 or Mark 11)

This perversion is clearly seen in Carman's "Resurrection Rap" video, as the Lord Jesus Christ is portrayed as a confused street hippie, while the Pharisees and apostles are street gang members! The crucifixion takes place, not on Calvary — but in a back alley gang fight! The Lord Jesus Christ is thrown into a GARBAGE DUMPSTER. And satanic tarot cards are used to tell the gospel story!

But no so-called Christians, that I've found, have openly distorted and perverted the Lord Jesus Christ as P.O.D. I am shocked and sickened at how the Christian world has allowed P.O.D. to so distort the Lord Jesus Christ!

CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) Magazine carried a cover story on P.O.D. titled "You've Got Questions, They've Got Answers" (CCM January 2001) — not one single question about the Rastafarian theology being taught (Colossians 3:16) in their music! In fact, in the article, CCM Magazine displays a large, color, picture of P.O.D. Rastafarian "Jesus"! How in the world does a Christian close their eyes to such a perversion of their Lord and Savior!

HM (formerly Heaven's Metal, now Hard Music) Magazine did a cover story of P.O.D. titled "The Most Important Rock Band Today" (HM Sep/Oct 2001). Again, a picture of Rasta "Jesus" is displayed in the article. The article praises P.O.D.'s inclusion of the false religion Rasta preachers/singers HR and Eek-A-Mouse on their Satellite album. Again, nothing but lavious praise for these perverters of the PERSON of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Let’s get something straight – the Lord Jesus Christ was NOT A RASTAFARIAN!

A concert review of P.O.D. at Ozzfest, notices the clear message of the "Rastafarian Jesus" — notice the Rastafarian connections to the smoking of marijuana (which is used in Rastafarianism):

"A few seconds later, the overpowering smell of reefer filled the daytime sky. Well, P.O.D. did have a Rastafarian Jesus hanging behind the stage."


Guitar World, also, writes of P.O.D.’s Rasta "Jesus":
"Even before P.O.D. ruffled feathers by joining Ozzfest, the group caught flax from the Christian community for its controversial stage backdrop, which featured a Rasta-like image of Jesus." (Guitar World, Oct 2000, p. 100)

Anybody who would display the lovely Lord Jesus Christ as a Rastaman is clearly, spiritually "not playing with a full deck"!

How does the secular world like Guitar World pick up on the Rasta "Jesus" but Christian magazines like HM and CCM not even mention it?

Any Christian who would tolerate and advocate someone who perverts the Lord Jesus Christ into a Rastaman – is a spiritually SICKO!

Shame on you if you defend and listen to P.O.D.!

Why would a Christian tolerate such wicked, perversion of the Lord Jesus?

Simple. . .

They LOVE rock music more than they LOVE the Lord Jesus!

Their attitude is – "I don’t care if these CCM rock stars PERVERT and LIE about the Lord Jesus – but don’t you dare say nothing negative about my rock stars, like P.O.D.!"

That’s the doctrine of the average CCM rocker.

We’ve documented it. . . We’ve proved it . . . MANY, MANY TIMES. . .

Not only does P.O.D. display a Rasta "Jesus" but Sonny says in Guitar World, that P.O.D. believes in Jesus Christ just like the Rastas do!
"And they [Rastas] believe in Jesus Christ just like we do. . ."
Sonny, P.O.D. (Guitar World, Nov. 2001, p. 57)
And what does the Rastas believe about the Lord Jesus Christ?
"On the subject of reincarnation the Rastafarians have a unique teaching akin to Hinduism. They believe that God revealed himself many ages ago in various forms. To the Hebrews, God revealed himself in the person of Moses, who was the first avatar or savior . . .The second avatar was Elijah, . . . The third avatar was Jesus Christ,. . . Now the advent of Ras Tafari is the climax of God's revelation."
(Barret, Leonard E., The Rastafarians, p. 112)
"The early Nyabinghi Rasta believed the Babylonian 'Jesus' to be a false god, and Haile Selassie to represent the coming of the Messiah."
(Don Taylor, Marley and Me, p. 246)

Rastafarianism does NOT teach that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by Jesus (John 14:6)

Reggae musician Bob Marley has done, far more than any other person to evangelize Rastafarianism.

"Indeed, Marley and his fellow musicians regard themselves as missionaries, dedicated to spreading the truth of Jah Rastafari. ‘It was a crusade, it was a mission.’ Remembers Judy Mowatt [one of Marley’s I-Threes backup singers]. ‘We were like sentinels, like lights. On tour the shows were like church; Bob delivering the sermon. . . ‘"
(Sean Dolan, Bob Marley, p. 95)
"The growth of the Rastafarian movement from the late 1970s to 1981 was largely due to the charismatic personality of Robert Nesta Marley [Bob Marley]. . . some have even called him the Charles Wesley of Rastafarianism ."
(Barret, Leonard E., The Rastafarians, p. 213)
The following documented conversation took place between Marley and his mom, in which Marley ‘converted’ his mom, from Christianity to Rastafari:
"During this US tour [1975], Bob paid a visit to his mother in Delaware for a couple of days. This time Bob had clearly decided to instruct her fully in Rastafari.
'Bob tell me that His Majesty is the Almighty God - it not Jesus no more. . . .
Im said when we reason, ‘You know, momma, why is so hard for you to believe me when I say His Majesty is God? Because from the time you are a little girl growing up, you hear them talking about Jesus Christ; you go to church and you're into it.
‘But today 'im come in a new name: no Jesus Christ no more. . ."
(Adrian Boot and Chris Salewicz, Bob Marley: Songs of Freedom, pp. 143-144)

". . . no Jesus Christ no more. . ."

Marley’s profanity-laced, song "Get Up, Stand Up", which is a rallying cry for Rastafarianism, takes a vicious swipe at the Lord Jesus Christ:

We sick an' tired of your bulls--- game,
Die and go to heaven in Jesus name
We know when we understand:
Almighty God is a living man.
You can fool some people sometimes,
But you can't fool all the people all the time.
And now we’ve seen the light (What you gonna do?),
We gonna stand up for our rights! (Yeah, yeah, yeah!)
Marley sings to "die and go to heaven in Jesus name" is a "bullsh-- game"!

Is this what P.O.D believes — just like the Rastas?

There is no question P.O.D.’s music is very, very heavily influenced by Rastaman Bob Marley!

Notice: The picture with Sonny of P.O.D. wearing the Marley t-shirt on the right. It's worth noting, this particular shirt is also symbolic of Rastafarianism. The colors of Marley's face is green, gold and red, which are also colors very symbolic in Rastafarianism.

Sonny of P.O.D. makes an incredible statement, identifying P.O.D. and the Bible with false-prophet Bob Marley:

"If you listen to old school reggae music and Marley himself, 95 percent of his lyrics are scripture, straight from the bible, the word of God. I used to listen to reggae music and it made me a peaceful person. . . when I identified with a music, it was reggae music. We definitely respect that culture."
Sonny Scandoval, POD singer, http://www.antix.com/music/POD/POD.asp
"There are a lot of different types of music that we listen to.....I mean, there's a lot of Reggae music that I like. If you listen to a lot of Reggae music, 99% of it is scripture. If you listen to a lot of Bob Marley's music, most of it is scripture straight from the word."
Sonny Scandoval, POD singer
POD, Guitar Legends, No. 37
"Next they [POD] played an incredibly moving version of "Set Your Eyes to Zion" BGCn the spirit of Bob Marley—Sonny actually sounded just like him when he held some of the higher notes."
From Hard Rock Café (www.hardrock.com)
Now why didn't CCM magazines' article on "You've Got Questions, They've Got Answers" ask P.O.D. what do they REALLY believe about the Lord Jesus Christ! Why didn't HM or CCM ask P.O.D. why do they portray Jesus as a Rastaman? Hm....

P.O.D. obviously believe Jesus was a Rastaman by their display!

P.O.D. admittedly believe the Rastafarian concept of Jesus!

What do you believe friend?

Do you believe the Lord Jesus Christ was a dreadlocked, Rastaman?

Do you believe He is pleased with P.O.D. displaying Him as a Rastaman?

SOURCE: P.O.D. and Christianity