How to Boost Your Church Attendance

by Dr. Jack Hyles (1926-2001)

(Loyal Pastor of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana for over 42 years)

Table of Contents

1. Practical Pointers for the Pastor and His People
2. How to Get People to Visit
3. How to Organize a Visitation Program
4. How to Win a Soul to Jesus
5. Our New Visitation Program (By Jim Lyons, Associate Pastor)
6. A Realistic Approach to an Evangelistic Preaching Service
7. Big Days and Special Occasions
        Old-Fashioned Day
        The Church's Birthday
        Back to School Day
        Baby Day
        Homecoming Day
        Picture Taking Day
        Record Breaking Day
        Absentee Sunday
        B-1 Sunday
        Good Neighbor Sunday
        Fruitful February
        Vacation Bible School Sunday
        Christmas Sunday
8. Suggestions on How to Promote Big Days
9. Some Practical Pointers Concerning the Sunday School
10. Training Union or Youth Group Suggestions
11. Vacation Bible School at Miller Road (By Jo Strickland, Pastor's Secretary)

Dedicated to my wife, BEVERLY, who has shared with me in the successes and failures, joys and heartaches, in the learning and using of the material contained in this book.


In December, 1952, I was called to become pastor of the Miller Road Baptist Church in Garland, Texas, a church with an annual budget of $3,000 and ninety-two members. The church had property valued at $6,000. In the five years of our fellowship and work together God has seen fit to increase those figures to over 3,400 members, a budget of $182,000 annually, and property evaluated at $500,000.

During these five years many pastors have come to me wanting to know about our methods and ideas concerning the church program. After four years of these inquiries and conferences, we conducted in our church a pastors' school. At the conclusion of the pastors' school the brethren suggested that the information and data be compiled in book form. This book was written from the notes that were presented in the pastors' school.

Many churches, especially small ones, have used the ideas presented in this book to great benefit. No one pastor will agree with all of the ideas suggested. Neither will all of the ideas work in all situations; however, it is hoped that from the suggestions a few points may be applicable to each minister, and that some suggestions will be helpful to each church.

May the God of heaven bless these promotional ideas and suggestions to the bringing of souls to our Saviour.

Garland, Texas


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